Controlled safety in grinding plants

Explosion protection is a serious danger for many companies. Companies that manufacture grain, wood or animal feed products are particularly at risk, because this is where so-called "combustible dusts" are produced, which can very easily lead to explosions. In the event of a dust explosion inside the mill, it is essential to discharge the excess pressure created in a controlled manner and prevent flames from escaping. However, constructive dust explosion protection only works reliably if the components are properly matched to each other. This is where Tietjen comes into play.
Through our own research and development of pressure relief systems, we have contributed to making systems safer today. All of our mills are explosion pressure shock resistant and flameproof. They have an EC Declaration of Conformity according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

How does a controlled explosion work?
In case of an explosion inside the mill, first the rotary valve blocks the flame propagation between the hammer mill and conveyor system. The rotary valves are used to discharge dust, chips and fibrous materials and also act as shut-off devices. Tietjen uses rotary valves as type-tested protection systems for explosion isolation.
In the event of overpressure, the mill secondary hopper and the hopper top filter with relief valves (no flame leakage) open to protect the hopper.
The aspiration valve, as part of the air-gravity separator (AGS), blocks the flame propagation between the hammer mill and the environment.
Finally, the safety valve decouples the interior of the mill from the pre-container in case of a shutdown. The safety slide reacts to the level indicator in the pre-container, as well as in case of a power failure.
The discharge and conveying elements are just as decisive for the availability and operational safety of dust removal systems as the fans and filter systems. Extraction, filtration and material discharge thus form a single unit.

How secure is your system?
Right from the start, a large number of influencing factors must be taken into account, so that a safe explosion protection concept can be developed. Our Tietjen team will support you right from the start and we are available to answer all your questions regarding dust explosion protection. No matter if it is the inspection and analysis of your plant, or the joint development of a safety concept. Together with our long-standing partners, we develop protocols and work instructions that help you with the documentation to make your plants safer.

If you would like to learn more about our dust explosion protection options, please contact Markus Eckert

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