High Quality Extruded Pet Food & Aqua Feeds in Turkey

On the 6th of October, Tietjen in collaboration with Wenger Manufacturing, Sabetha/USA, organized a seminar on aqua feed production in Turkey. Tietjen and Wenger concentrated on the following central process steps: Superfine grinding (<500µ) and sifting of raw material, extrusion, also for micro pellets, and efficient drying technologies. The focus of the seminar was on grinding and extrusion of protein- and fat-rich recipes. Knowledge regarding the special recipes and nutritional aspects was provided by a nutritionist from the Brazilian Wenger Team. This was supplemented by the views on factory design and layout for pet and Aqua Feed production by the Wenger company CPS from the United Arab Emirates.

The seminar was a well-accepted platform with more than 30 attendees from Turkey, Egypt and Israel. Their dynamic exchange covered topics like quality standards and environmental aspects of aqua feed production as well.

Thomas Runde and Volkan Aktan represented Tietjen at the seminar. We highly appreciated the great support of company Wenger for this Event.

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