Insight into the training as industrial clerk

To give you an insight into the training as an industrial clerk at Tietjen, our trainee Alexander Braun will tell you something about his experiences so far.

Alexander Braun has been completing his training as an industrial clerk at Tietjen since summer 2018.

Why did you decide to train with Tietjen then?

I have fond memories of the two weeks back before I started working for Tietjen. I applied on a Wednesday, on Friday I talked to Mrs. Böttcher on the phone and was invited for an interview. The following Monday I had the interview with Mrs. Böttcher and our managing director Mr. Runde. Directly the next day I had the acceptance and then it already started.

At that time, I already had two commitments with other companies, but my decision to go to Tietjen was made very quickly. During my job interview, I was told in a one-hour conversation how my future here could look like. Personally, it was important to me that I could work in a team that fully integrates me and takes my solutions and ideas into consideration. It was also important to me that I could work independently.

What do you enjoy most about the training?

The contact with international customers and that I am allowed to work independently of the beginning. And that I can look after my own customers and handle their orders.  Of course, my colleagues look at larger orders again to avoid mistakes and correct them if necessary, but the trust they already have in me fills me with pride. Furthermore, we have a great team that is always there to help me with questions, so that I enjoy my work again and again. I also enjoyed being at the most important trade fair for us in 2019, the VICTAM in Cologne.

Have you recognized new strengths/weaknesses in yourself through the training?

During my time in the different departments, I have tried to learn as much as possible from my colleagues and apply it myself. I have noticed that I am taking on more and more responsibility and have no problem replacing my colleagues during holidays or in case of illness. I am already very flexible in many areas, which is without doubt one of my strengths.

Sometimes I put myself under too much pressure and am dissatisfied with myself if I don't get something done in time. Although I have improved with my time management, I am still not where I would like to be. I always try to turn my weaknesses into a positive approach and work on it every day.

For whom would you recommend this training?

Only for someone who really wants to actively participate and contribute to the success of the company. For someone who is waiting for the work to be brought, it will be difficult to gain a foothold with us. Future applicants who want and are willing to approach the job with commitment and the necessary ambition will be given the best possible care by our training center and will quickly have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own work.

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