One year of electromobility at Tietjen

Especially in the last years, the market for hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrids has been increasing. This is not surprising, considering that plug-in hybrids are a good alternative to conventional cars. Especially in the city, the hybrid can make the most of its advantages and cover short distances purely on electricity. Furthermore, on longer distances, CO2 emissions can be reduced.

Tietjen's contribution to environmental protection

The range of purely electric vehicles is still too low, especially for business travel, as there is still no nationwide charging system for electric cars available. Therefore, Tietjen has opted for the more practical plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Since May 2018, Tietjen has replaced two of its company diesel vehicles with plug-in hybrid vehicles. Our goal is to be environmentally conscious and sustainable during the everyday commute. Through these two hybrid vehicles, it has already been possible to conserve 4,786,729kg of CO2. In order to make the best use of the electromobility of these two hybrids, three 22kw charging stations were installed at our headquarters in Hemdingen. The charging stations can also be used by our visitors, customers and suppliers.

In one year, there were 836 charges. The charged energy was 5,749.825 kwh. By comparison, Bad Bramstedt (a city in Schleswig-Holstein), had just about 800 charging processes at two public charging stations in 2018.

Special features of plug-in hybrids

A big advantage of plug-in hybrid vehicles is their greater reach compared to purely electric powered cars. Hybrids consume less fuel than conventionally powered vehicles, so they not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also produce barely any NOx and particle matter. Whether at home at the socket, or at public charging stations, the driver can recharge the plug-in hybrid battery – just like a pure e-car. 

We look forward to another year and hopefully much more charging connections in 2019!

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