Time travel - Anniversary for Peter Wagner!

From production employee to plant manager - In his 42 years at Tietjen, Peter Wagner has not only experienced a lot, but has also been involved in many decisive innovations from the very beginning.

On his first working day at Tietjen, on February 6, 1978, Peter certainly did not think that he himself would be loyal to a company for so long and could be our longest still active employee. But since then, he has been an integral part of the Tietjen team.

It all started back then after his training as a mechanical engineer. At that time the company was still small with a total of twelve employees and consisted mainly of the nine production employees.

As a trained mechanical engineer, Peter took over the welding, sheet metal and machining work in the production department at Tietjen. In 1979, the company continued to grow to 16 employees and with the increasing workload, the first extension to the existing building followed.

At the beginning of the 80s, Peter's field of expertise expanded, and he took over assembly and commissioning in England and Sweden. Already 6 years later he was appointed deputy workshop manager. At the same time, he also took part in various further training courses. Especially his good knowledge in electrical engineering and EDP helped him. Already in 1985, he made his first CAD drawings on a PC.

In 1989 Peter changed from the production to the technical office and supported in the construction and work preparation. At the same time, he also set up the first EDP network at Tietjen.

At the same time, Peter completed numerous internships in milling companies in order to consolidate his acquired knowledge. In addition, he regularly attended seminars, for example from the IFF Research Institute.

At the beginning of the 90s, Peter was involved in commissioning projects worldwide. For example, he was on the road in South Korea or South America.

When in 1998 a large order came from Holland, Peter was significantly involved in the implementation. He was also responsible for the technical implementation of the assembly and commissioning of the eight mills. During this time, Peter's areas of activity slowly shifted to administration. His tasks there included, among others, order processing and purchasing. During this time, Peter discovered that he enjoyed working on extensive projects and the assembly schedule. So, it was not surprising that he became plant manager at Tietjen in 2004.

After seven more years, Peter reached another milestone in his professional career: He was granted power of attorney for Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik.

Until today Peter is responsible for numerous employees and company activities and supports Tietjen where he can.

On behalf of everyone, we would like to thank Peter Wagner for his great commitment to Tietjen and look forward to further successful years together.

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