Cooperative degree programme at Tietjen

Theory and practice with a focus on process engineering

As a student, we give you the opportunity to acquire the practical skills that go together with the theoretical modules of your degree programme. In addition to exciting internships in the rich and varied areas of process engineering, you can also work for us as a student while completing your thesis. Moreover, we offer a cooperative degree programme (BSc) in process engineering in cooperation with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) at the Bergedorf Campus. The lecture phases take place at the university, where you attend all the necessary lectures and take your exams.

As grinding technology specialists, we pass on our expertise to motivated and committed students. This means that you are actively involved in our interdisciplinary team during your studies and are optimally integrated into the company’s structures, working methods and project processes. We offer you personal support in the form of an experienced mentor during your studies.

We cultivate an open corporate culture with a flat hierarchical organisation based on high mutual esteem. After completing your studies, we offer excellent prospects for continuing with us as well as a wide range of career opportunities.

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Internship or student job

An internship that suits you and your skills

Are you a mechanical engineering student who would like to gain some initial practical experience? Then you have come to the right place. An internship at Tietjen Process Engineering offers you the opportunity to begin applying your theoretical knowledge in practice. This will allow you to gain your first professional experience and begin establishing important contacts for the future.
During your internship at Tietjen, you will be involved in the day-to-day business of the respective area, and you will gain comprehensive insights into industry-specific processes and contexts. An internship shows your commitment outside the academic environment and provides you with an advantage later on when starting your professional career.
An internship at Tietjen should last at least four weeks.

Student jobs at Tietjen

Working at Tietjen as a student gives you the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice at an early stage of your studies while studying mechanical engineering (or other disciplines). It allows you to acquire your first professional experience in the field and provides you with training outside of your degree programme. A student job at Tietjen provides you with comprehensive insights into the work processes of a mechanical engineering company. Employment in the company is for a longer time period.

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