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Grinding for the production of aquafeed

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Highest demands on fineness in the production of fish and shrimp feed

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Grinding has the same function as chewing. It occurs at the beginning of food intake and makes the food digestible and edible by breaking it up. There are particularly high demands on the feed in fish and shrimp feed production. The aquafeed should provide optimal nutrients and also be healthy and easy to digest without losing its texture in the water. The residues must be environmentally-friendly at the same time so that water bodies and nature can be protected. This basic principle holds true, even though complete uptake by the respective species is the objective.
Our grinding solutions guarantee the optimum fineness of your raw material to ensure economical extrusion of the feed and consequently provide a high level of end product quality. Economic feasibility for us means that your grinding will also deliver the desired crushing result for years to come. We work with our customers in aquafeed production to utilise the available raw materials for high-quality products and efficient processes.

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Our solutions for the production of aquafeed

The right fineness, a guaranteed grain size and reliably cleaned grist at the extrusion interface primarily avoid costly extruder downtimes. Yet they also ensure energy-efficient drying and cooling as well as optimum oil absorption of the finished pellets in the coating process. This in turn has a positive influence on the packaging process and the shelf life of the finished product thanks to the high pellet stability. That’s why we say at Tietjen: It all depends on the grinding.

Our TICM impact classifier mill, which we have been using together with our partners in the production of aquafeed since 2018, allows us to fulfil the above-mentioned requirements for fine grinding. The TICM combines efficient grinding with precise classification, all in one single machine. The decisive benefit of the TICM is the narrow grain spectrum with precise separation from 100 µm to 400 µm.

Impact classifier mill
More about the TICM impact classifier mill
Impact classifier mill
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Sustainable fish feed production

“Our focus is on optimum utilisation of the raw materials, optimised sinking and floating behaviour of the feed and the environmental compatibility of the residual materials.”

Jorge Guerrero, Sales Engineer
Tietjen systems engineering

Our benefits in the production of aquafeed

New solutions for ultrafine grinding of aquatic feeds

The TICM ultrafine grinding concept is specifically conceived for the requirements of aquafeed and pet food production. It masters the high demands when it comes to fineness. We can guarantee a particularly homogenous end product with high levels of fineness (100–400 µm) and a precise separating cut of up to 99%, while maintaining a high throughput.

Healthy pet food and optimised utilisation of raw materials

We understand the high demands placed on fish and shrimp production. We ensure the optimum fineness of your raw material with our grinding solutions, making it possible to extrude aquafeed economically. Our objective: efficient utilisation of raw materials for the highest quality of your end product in aquafeed production.

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We are there for you worldwide and support you in all areas. We work closely with your team and develop bespoke solutions. We support you worldwide in all areas and offer service and maintenance services as well as comprehensive training programs. We ensure smooth production and minimise downtimes with our high level of replacement parts availability.

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