By-product grinding in wheat mills
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Optimal utilisation with Tietjen

Our concepts for by-product grinding

In every grain mill, unwanted impurities of the grain, the so-called impurities, are cleaned out of the grain in the pre-cleaning and black/white cleaning stages. These by-products are only partly actually waste that has to be disposed of, which is why the distinction between recyclable and non-recyclable by-products is used. The plant operator is responsible for compliance with the legal limits in his end products and must therefore use appropriate technology for grain cleaning.

The non-recyclable by-products are sent for disposal and may no longer be used in the further processing of a mill. They are often collected in containers and then sent to waste incineration.


Grinding solutions created ready to use

The usable by-products are further processed in the mill’s downstream process. The mixture of the resulting usable by-products is collected and transported to the hammer mill grinding with mechanical conveying elements. After grinding, the mixture is then fed to the bran fraction of the mill.

This is where the new complete solutions from Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik come in. We offer processes depending on the required processing quantity, the available space and precise requirements.


Your advantages

  • Four standard solutions have been developed, each offered as a complete grinding module. These solutions offer the advantage that high-quality components are used which offer a high degree of wear protection and thus a long service life.
  • Furthermore, the components are optimally matched to each other, which means that they are energy-efficient and easy to maintain. A modular control system with control cabinet specifically for this part of the system is also available.
  • Depending on the customer’s performance requirements and the available space, a solution can be selected or, if necessary, customised.

Optimum safety according to the latest state of technology

Tietjen safety technology meets the necessary protection requirements and is delivered with an EC declaration of conformity according to the Atex Directive 2014/34/EU. All our machines and devices are explosion pressure shock resistant and flame arrester proof, as well as tested for a reduced explosion overpressure of at least 0.4 bar.

6t/h mit Saugpneumatik nach der Vermahlung

Our grinding solutions

  • Variant 1: Grinding capacity 2t/h, product conveying after grinding with suction pneumatics
  • Variant 2: Grinding capacity 2t/h, product conveying after grinding with pressure pneumatics
  • Variant 3: Grinding capacity 6t/h, product conveying after grinding with suction pneumatics
  • Variant 4: Grinding capacity 6t/h, product conveying after grinding with pressure pneumatics

Our high-performance mills for

By-product grinding

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  • Constructive explosion protection according to ATEX

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