Forum Andino de Mascotas preliminary event

On the evening before the official start of the Foro Andino de Mascotas, on 5th November 2019, many participants met for the joint Wenger and Tietjen pre-event. In cooperation with Foro Andino de Mascotas - the most important event for animal feed production in the Andes region - Ed de Souza and Thomas Runde welcomed many guests and talked about innovative process technologies and solutions for the feed industry in South America.

After two interesting lectures, the participants ended the evening together, over snacks and drinks on the terrace of the Cosmos Hotel, with the opportunity to get together and exchange ideas.

We would like to thank all participants for their interest and look forward to our next events around the world.

Our special thanks go to Ed de Souza from Wenger Manufacturing Inc. for the partnership and cooperation and Diana Mercado Cisneros from Zoo Inc. for the excellent event organization.

You could not be present at the event personally?  No problem, here you can watch the seminar in full length by clicking on the following link: 

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