Pasta production from beans

With our Tietjen Mills you can grind anything from ordinary solids such as wood to extraordinary materials like incense resin. Tietjen offers the right mill for every application. For example, a Swedish company has been using the Tietjen Mill to produce bean flour for pasta for three years now. The bean flour has the advantage that it contains very little gluten as legume flour. This makes it especially suitable for people with a gluten allergy, or an autoimmune disease.

The project started as early as April 2016, when the first grinding trials with our customer and the company Silokonsult also took place.

The core of the grinding module, with a suction pneumatic flour conveying system, is the Tietjen High-Speed Mill type VDK4.1, which is used together with a total separator with pocket filter technology. Our VDK mill is specialized in the fine grinding of demanding recipes and products.

A particular challenge in the design of the optimum plant was the grinding of black beans, white beans and kidney beans in only one pass. A fineness of 99% < 500µm needed to be achieved. By carrying out grinding tests together with the customer in the Tietjen test rooms, the specifications were easily met. For this special grinding process, special screens are used to ensure a long service life and consistent quality in the output.

Furthermore, the plant is equipped with a flameless explosion venting system, that meets the latest safety standards. The calculation was based on the specific explosion characteristics of the bean meal.

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