We are all about the perfect service.

Whereas in the past, a production plant had to fail until it was repaired, today, intelligent systems already detect a fault before it occurs. Topics such as predictive maintanance and Industry 4.0 thereby play an important role - also for Tietjen.

That`s why our first service seminar took place on October 9th, 2018 in Münster, Germany. We invited maintenance and operator teams, who work with our grinding system every day. During the one-day seminar our Tietjen service team informed about various maintenance concepts, pointed out maintenance-relevant components in grinding modules and discussed practical experiences. The seminar focused on predictive maintance systems & Industry 4.0 with an interesting guest lecture by Hendrik Hempelmann from Schulz Systemtechnik GmbH. His presentation gave a good insight of the change management his company went through approaching this important topic.

The successful day in Münster gives us a good basis for extending the seminar concept to other industries and markets.
We would like to thank all attendees as well as the company Schulz for the constructive input and all the inspiring discussions we had!

We look forward to our next seminars and upcoming events.

If you have any further questions, please contact Yannick Wangelin (y.wangelin@tietjen-original.com).

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