Shredding unpackaged biowaste




Shredding unpackaged biowaste

Grinding chamber area
0.5 - 0.8m2
Drive power
75 - 160 kW
Permissible weight
1400 kg
Grinding chamber
680 mm
Sieve width
520 - 760 mm

Technical details
  • Various connection options for a liquid dosing system
  • Asymmetrical housing
  • Armored baffle plates on both sides of the inlet, replaceable
  • Large foreign body catching pocket inside the grinding chamber, easy to clean
  • One-sided grinding chamber access either through hinged or sliding door
  • 1-piece sieve
  • Automatic door locking with standstill monitoring
  • Housing and rotor made of stainless steel V2A/1.4301/AISI304
Machine types
Grinding chamber 680 mm 680 mm
Sieve width 520 mm 760 mm
Grinding chamber area 0.5 m² 0.8 m²
Machine size
Length* (approx.) 1510 mm 1750 mm
Width (approx.) 1180 mm 1180 mm
Height (approx.) 1315 mm 1315 mm
Weight without motor 1400 kg 1400 kg
Drive 3000 1/min, 50 Hz (RPM between 1800 und 3600 1/min (30-60 Hz) möglich)
Typical drive power 75 - 110 kW 110 - 160 kW

*depending on the motor size

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Reliable processing of larger bulk goods

Easy crushing of unpackaged commercial biowaste

unverpackte Lebensmittelabfälle

The Bimix is ideally suited to the demanding task of wet grinding unpackaged commercial biowaste and food waste, which inevitably contains some contaminants. It is sufficiently robust to cope with abattoir waste containing a small proportion of bone material. A defined particle size is achieved after crushing to make the product pumpable. The series comprises two housing sizes that harmonise with 75 to 160 kW drives. It is used in disposal companies and in biogas systems etc.

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