For explosion pressure relief

E-Vent relief valve

Entlastungsventil E-Vent

E-Vent relief valve

For explosion pressure relief

More safety in the case of dust explosions
Flameless explosion pressure relief

The Tietjen E-VENT pressure relief valve protects the system against destructive pressure increases in the case of a dust explosion inside containers and equipment. The valve diverts the explosion overpressure from the system to the installation site. This cools the flames efficiently in the shortest possible time. The radially circulating flame filter hereby safely diverts the energy of the flame into the material without having to block the discharge path. The integrated valve disc closes independently once the overpressure has been relieved. This minimises the risk of afterburning in the system parts. The integrated safety switch safely and promptly detects the triggering. The signal is used to immediately shut down the system automatically in case of an emergency and to alert the operating personnel.

The Tietjen E-Vent impresses thanks to its compact size and low overall height in comparison to competitor products. It has also been tested in accordance with the latest guidelines by renowned testing institutes in accordance with ATEX. The pressure relief valve comes in a wide range of sizes and several versions (e.g. corrosion protection, food sector). Special designs such as materials resistant to acids, use in increased temperature ranges or varying response pressures are possible.

Explosion protection

Explosion protection – Video

Dry grinding plant engineering – dust explosion protection


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