The universal mill | for small throughput | screen change during standstill

High Speed Mill VL


High Speed Mill VL

The universal mill | for small throughput | screen change during standstill

Drive power
15 – 45 kW
Grinding chamber area
0.3 – 0.4 m2
Allowable weight
550 – 700 kg
Diameter of the grinding chamber
700 mm
Wire width
200 – 270 mm

Technical details
  • Robust welded steel construction, symmetrical housing for operation in both directions of rotation
  • Grinding chamber equipped with wear elements to protect the housing walls, easy to replace
  • Armored, pendulum-mounted inlet flaps
  • Debris trap pocket for debris within the grinding chamber for screen protection
  • Durable rotor design, dynamically balanced, fitted with 6 mm beaters
  • Wide-opening front door, easy access to grinding chamber and for changing screens and beaters
  • 2-piece sieve without frame, easy and quick to change segments
  • Tested and certified in pressure shock resistant and flameproof design (0.4 bar)
  • Variable grain spectrum via variable beater circumferential speed (when using a frequency converter),
  • Sieve perforation and beater configuration; depending on requirements.
Machine types
VL 2 VL 3
Grinding chamber diameter (mm) 700 mm 700 mm
Screen width (mm 200 mm 272 mm
Grinding chamber area (m²) 0.30 m² 0.40 m²
Dimensions and weight
Length* x width x height (approx. mm) 1510 x 900 x 970 mm 1750 x 900 x 970 mm
Weight without motor (approx. kg 550 kg 700 kg
Motor size (kW) 15 - 37 kW 22 - 45 kW
Speed 50 Hz/60 Hz (rpm) 3000/3600 3000/3600
Speed with frequency converter 30-60 Hz (rpm) 1800 - 3600 1800 - 3600

* Depending on the motor size Surface sound pressure level <90 dB (A) (under load)

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The all-rounder

The universal mill for coarse grinding


The Hammer Mill VL is the universal mill for coarse grinding in compound feed, as well as fine grinding, in pet food and aqua feed production. Further areas of application for this all-rounder include the grinding of chemical components, salts, spices, and natural products such as wood.

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High Speed Mill VL
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