Reduce substrate costs, increase fermenter capacity

Imprasyn for biogas production

Imprasyn freigestellt

Imprasyn for biogas production

Reduce substrate costs, increase fermenter capacity

Drive power
37 - 75 kW
Space requirement for maintenance
1m (module) / not applicable (container)
Permitted weight
1650 - 9100 kg
10 - 40 m3 /h depending on type (module/container)
Energy consumption
2 - 4 kW/m2

Technical details
  • Consistently high degree of disintegration
    of the entire material
  • high impurity tolerance due to separator
  • minimal effort for maintenance and wear
  • low energy consumption
  • high substrate flexibility
  • robust industrial quality from own production
Machine types
Dimensions 2.7 x 1.2 x 2.5 m 3.2 x 1.2 x 2.5 m 7 x 3 x 3 m 7 x 3 x 3 m
Weight 1650 kg 2550 kg 8400 kg* 9100 kg*
Space requirement for maintenance both sides 1m both sides 1m not applicable not applicable
Throughput 10 - 20 (m³ /h) 15 - 40 (m³ /h) 10 - 20 (m³ /h) 15 - 40 (m³ /h)
Drive power 37 kW 75 kW 37 kW 75 kW
Energy consumption 2 - 4 (kW/m³ ) ** 2 - 4 (kW/m³ ) ** 2 - 4 (kW/m³ ) ** 2 - 4 (kW/m³ ) **

*completely equipped with switchgear, additive tank, distribution beam, valve technology and pumps. **is compensated by energy savings in pumping and agitating technology of the fermentation section.

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Optimisation of your biogas system
Up to 15% more biogas with the same amount of raw material

Imprasyn crushes biomass mechanically and simultaneously infuses it with the biological additive IMPRAmax. Imprasyn efficiently processes only what your biogas system is unable to do on its own: Substrate is taken from the fermenter and, after processing, is passed back into the fermenter or to the secondary digester. Imprasyn works like a ruminant: A wet crusher and microorganisms together mobilise nutrients that are difficult to obtain from coarse woody fibres.

We ensure peak economic and ecological performance with maximum energy yield with the Imprasyn crusher. Our objective is to achieve the best possible breakdown of energy crops as well as residual and waste materials for the efficiency of your system. Our technology makes efficient use of exploitable cellulose contained in grass, solid manure and straw for biogas production.

Your advantages with Imprasyn:

  • Higher gas yield
  • Lower retention times, for better use of the available container volume
  • Use of alternative raw materials
  • Less or no floating layers
  • Less wear
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