The powerhouse for maximum performance | screen change during standstill

Large chamber mill GD

Hammer mill FD optimized for fine grinding pet food and aquafeed

Large chamber mill GD

The powerhouse for maximum performance | screen change during standstill

Drive power
110 – 450 kW
Grinding chamber area
1.15 – 3.60 m2
Permissible weight
3800 – 4800 kg
Grinding chamber diameter
1200 mm
Sieve width
400 – 1250 mm

Technical details
  • Robust welded steel construction, symmetrical housing for operation in both directions of rotation.
  • Grinding chamber equipped with wear elements to protect the housing walls, easy to replace
  • Armored inlet flap with position switch for change of direction of rotation
  • Optimized impact zone with armored impact plates on both sides of the inlet for efficient size reduction
  • Debris catcher pocket inside the grinding chamber to protect the screens
  • Durable, optimized rotor design, dynamically balanced, run-down time < 6 minutes without brake
  • Beater carrier system (cassette change): easy, quick beater change in a few minutes
  • Wide opening doors allow easy access to the grinding chamber
  • Large grinding chamber, 4-part sieve segments without frame, easy and quick segment replacement
  • Mill and motor unit can be separated, easier installation especially in confined spaces
  • Tested and certified in pressure shock resistant and flameproof design (0.4 bar)
  • Variable grain spectrum via variable beater circumferential speed (when using a frequency converter)
  • Sieve perforation and beater configuration; according to requirements.
Machine types
GD 12 GD 20 GD 25
Grinding chamber diameter (mm) 1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
Screen width (mm) 640 mm 1000 mm 1250 mm
Grinding chamber area (m²) 1.84 m² 2.88 m² 3.60 m²
Dimensions and Weight
Length* x width x height (approx. mm) 2610 x 1600 x 16000 mm 3050 x 1600 x 16000 mm 3300 x 1600 x 16000 mm
Weight without motor (approx. kg) 1900 kg 2400 kg 2800 kg
Motor size (kW) 160 - 250 kW 250 - 355 kW 355 - 450 kW
Speed 50 Hz/60 Hz (rpm) 1500/1800 1500/1800 1500/1800
Speed with frequency converter, 34- 60 Hz (rpm) 1000 - 1800 1000 - 1800 1000 - 1800

* Depending on motor size Measuring surface sound pressure level < 88 dB (A) (under load)

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Optimal grinding in all areas

Maximum throughput for fine grinding applications

Weizen und Maiskerne

The hammer mill GD is designed for fine grinding in pet food and aqua feed production, as well as for coarse grinding, in the feed-milling, ethanol and wood industries. Specifically designed for efficient grinding for challenging recipes and products: The special 6-axis rotor design with rapid-change beater-frame system plus optimized beater configuration in combination with high beater tip speed guarantees maximum material contact for the efficient production of the finest feed as well as coarser products.

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Salto de Pirapora, Brazil
Flexible grinding solution for premium pet food
Wood pellets as climate-neutral fuel
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Large chamber mill GD
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