High pressing pressure for best dewatering performance

Screw Press PRS


Screw Press PRS

High pressing pressure for best dewatering performance

Separation of foreign materials – Tietjen Screw Press
7.5 kW
Length (approx.)
4800 mm
Width (approx.)
855 mm
Height (approx.)
1000 mm
2100 kg

Technical details
  • large inlet for the intake of separated foreign matter from biowaste
  • extremely robust stainless steel screw, screens and housing for maximum reliability
  • simple cover and segmented screens for easy maintenance
  • automatic flap control for pressure adjustment with different foreign materials
  • all parts made of stainless steel if required (1.4301) for a long service life and hygienic requirements
Machine types
PRS 300
Diameter screw thread (mm) 300 mm
Drive motor (kW) 7,5 kW
Dimensions and weight
Length (approx. mm) 4800 mm
Width (approx. mm) 855 mm
Height (approx. mm) 1000 mm
Weight (approx. mm) 2100 kg

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Separation of foreign matter – Tietjen press screw

Additional Dewatering of Foreign Matter from Organic Waste

Screw press with deconditioner for food waste recycling

Separated foreign matter such as plastic packaging from organic waste often still contains liquids. The screw press PRS has been specially developed for dewatering such residual liquids after our depackaging machine DRM. It therefore saves costs in the thermal disposal of the foreign matter and increases the substrate quantity.

Efficient Separation of Residual Liquids

Your advantages with the Screw Press

Drain connection Pressing screw PRS Screw thread Pressing screw PRS Pressing zone Pressing screw PRS

Effi cient Separation of Residual Liquids

  • Reliable dewatering of a wide variety of foreign matter from
    organic waste
  • The separated liquid is collected and added to the remaining
    organic matter for energy use
  • Automatic control of the press fl aps for pressure adjustment
    with different materials
  • Flushing nozzles for easy cleaning through backwashing

Reliable Operation and Long Durability

  • Robust welded/screw construction made of stainless steel for
    continuous industrial operation (24/7)
  • Design with product contact parts in stainless steel or completely
    in stainless
  • Screw thread made of thick-walled stainless steel

High Availability and Easy Maintenance

  • Quick-opening covers and segmented screens for easy
  • Large inlet and outlet for trouble-free operation
  • Screw reversible in case of malfunction
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