Hammer mill for smaller throughputs

Wide chamber mill W

Wide Chamber Mill W: Machine for Grinding Moist and Wet Wood

Wide chamber mill W

Hammer mill for smaller throughputs

Drive power
75 – 250 kW
Grinding chamber area
0.6 – 1.8 m2
Permissible weight
1550 – 2550 kg
Grinding chamber diameter
680 mm
Sieve width
400 – 1250 mm

Technical details
  • Robust welded steel construction, symmetrical housing for operation in both directions of rotation.
  • Grinding chamber equipped with wear elements to protect the housing walls, easy to replace
  • Armored inlet flap with position switch for change of direction of rotation
  • Optimized impact zone with armored impact plates on both sides of the inlet for efficient size reduction
  • Debris trap for contaminants inside the grinding chamber as screen protection
  • Durable, optimized rotor design, dynamically balanced, equipped with 6 mm beaters
  • Beaters easy and quick to turn and change with special changing device
  • Wide opening doors, easy access to the grinding chamber and for changing the sieves and beaters
  • 2-part sieve without frame, easy and quick to change segment by segment
  • Tested and certified in pressure shock resistant and flameproof design (0.4 bar)
  • Variable grain spectrum via variable beater circumferential speed (when using a frequency converter),
  • Sieve perforation and beater configuration; depending on requirements.
Machine types
W 400 W 700 W 1000 W 1200
Grinding chamber diameter (mm) 680 mm 680 mm 680 mm 680 mm
Screen width (mm 400 mm 760 mm 1000 mm 1250 mm
Grinding chamber area (m²) 0.6 m² 1.1 m² 1.5 m² 1.8 m²
Dimensions and Weight
Length* x width x height (approx. mm) 2250 x 1665 x 1150 mm 2710 x 1665 x 1150 mm 2950 x 1665 x 1150 mm 3150 x 1665 x 1150 mm
Weight without motor (approx. kg) 1550 kg 1700 kg 1950 kg 2250 kg
Motor size (kW) 75 kW 110 - 132 kW 160 - 200 kW 200 - 250 kW
Speed 50 Hz/60 Hz (rpm) 1500/1800 1500/1800 1500/1800 1500/1800
Speed with frequency converter 30-60 Hz (rpm) 1800 - 3600 1800 - 3600 1800 - 3600 1800 - 3600

* Depending on motor size Measuring surface sound pressure level < 90 dB (A) (under load)

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Specialist for fibre digestion

Optimal product discharge of moist ground material


The Hammer Mill series W is specially designed for grinding moist and wet wood with more distance between the side wall and screen. This mill grinds chopped soft and hard wood with a feed size up to standard G50 wood chips, and a water content up to 60%, in one step to a fineness required for wood pellets. The W series consists of four sizes with a drive-power range between 75 and 250 kW.

The use of waste wood as a substitute fuel in coal-fired power plants is gaining enormous importance in the energy transition. The Wide chamber mill W plays an important role in this context. You can find out more in our article Waste wood as a substitute fuel and alternative to coal.

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Wood pellets as climate-neutral fuel
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