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Already more than 2100 Tietjen plants have been installed all over the world since 1959 – from Australia to Zimbabwe, from agricultural businesses to well-known international conglomerates. The following references and projects represent a small selection of these.

Potato flakes, Germany

Whether as puree, casserole, baked or boiled – potatoes are an important energy supplier for the body due to their high starch content and a whole range of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. For this reason, they are also processed for many other applications in the food industry. The extracted starch, for example, is also used in many everyday items. Typical examples include the glue, paper and textile industries.

Biowaste Sorting, Friesoythe – Germany

The DRM has been in successful operation at the Friesoythe site near Oldenburg since May 2021. It was easily integrated into an existing system.

Animal feed, Finland

Hankkija has been operating a hammer mill since 2013. When capacity was not sufficient with the installed hammer mill, Hankkija decided to expand and purchase another mill.

Aquafeed, Germany

In the fish meals offered, fish species are used that are of little relevance for human consumption, e.g. fish rich in bones such as anchovies. During production and loading, impurities such as foil residues, metals and large bone fragments can hardly be avoided. To clean the product from these, J. Müller has relied for years on a VDK4 hammer mill with upstream cleaning system from Tietjen.

Organic grain meal, Germany

In the milling of grains and intermediate products in the food industry, careful and safe milling is of prime importance. For 36 years now, organic grain has been ground into meal in Neumünster with the help of our high-speed mill VL. The high quality of our mills ensures optimum milling results and consistent baking quality for decades to come.

Biomass, Germany

Along with solar, hydro and wind energy, biogas is a regenerative energy source that helps to save fossil fuels. It is obtained in biogas plants from organic material through microbial degradation. With IMPRASYN, Tietjen offers a process that breaks down fresh material down to the cell structure and thus significantly increases the yield of the raw material. A biogas plant in Lower Saxony has already been using a Tietjen mill for years to produce biogas and thus supply public and private buildings with heat.

Pasta, Sweden

Pasta ranks among the most popular foods worldwide. You can find it in every conceivable colour and shape. As a consequence, pasta can be found in almost every kitchen. Even those suffering from gluten intolerance do not have to give up pasta. This is because there are many gluten-free alternatives. Bean flour for making gluten-free pasta has been produced in Sweden since 2017 using one of our Tietjen hammer mills.

Aquafeed, Vietnam

The market for aquaculture is evolving rapidly. The need for safe and sustainable sources of fish is increasing. The Dutch feed manufacturer has increased its production capacity at the company’s site in Hai Phong in the north of Vietnam with a Tietjen FD 25 grinding plant.

Wood pellets, Croatia

Wood pellets are a climate-neutral fuel derived from biomass. Ideally, pellets do not contain chemical binders and have a high energy density. Two kilograms of wood pellets are roughly equivalent to the efficiency of one litre of heating oil. Pellets are a good way to move away from dependence on fossil fuels. Tietjen’s hammer mills optimally crush wood for the pellet mill.

Compound feed, Canada

Starting in 2020, a GDL 25 will enhance the production of compound feed at a growing feed mill and retail company in Ontario, Canada. It is one of many Tietjen mills running in North America, ensuring a smooth production.

Biomass, Switzerland

Together with a partner from the dosing and washing machine technology industry, Tietjen has
created one of the ‘best’ processing plants for commercial biowaste in Berne – and the depackaging machine DRM 800 double-rotor separation mill is its centrepiece.

Pet food, Brazil

By choosing a combination of a GDL 20 grinding module and Crossyoke Plansifter 1500, the customer receives a highly flexible, energy-efficient solution that offers optimum granulation of the raw materials to produce premium pet food.

Pet food, South Africa

By choosing a combination of a GDL 25 grinding module and crossyoke plansifter, the customer is receiving an energy-efficient solution that offers maximum flexibility and optimum granulation of the raw materials to produce premium pet food.

Straw, India

In India, large quantities of crop residue are burned in the fields. The Indian government has created incentives to re-process biomass, such as rice straw, into renewable energy sources. Before being pulped, biomass must first be crushed. Tietjen’s hammer mills ensure that straw can be used to produce energy.

Breadcrumbs, Germany

Breadcrumbs are used in the preparation of cutlets, chicken or fish fillets. They come in a wide range of grain sizes. A Tietjen hammer mill is used at one of the largest breadcrumb manufacturers in Germany.

Banana chips, Uganda

Uganda is among the world’s poorest countries. Inadequate opportunities to process raw materials leads to post-harvest losses. A local processing centre is now used to turn raw matoke bananas into valuable dry products such as flour, porridge or biscuits.