Compound feed, Canada

Good Feed, Good Food. Hammer mill for manufacturers of compound feed.

Compound feed

Suitable animal nourishment is an integral part of the food chain. To produce high-quality compound feed, good grinding of the ground product is essential. Starting in 2020, a GDL 25 will enhance the production of compound feed at a new mill expansion build at Nieuwland Feed & Supply Ltd main facility in Drayton, Ontario, Canada. It is one of many Tietjen hammer mills running in North America, ensuring a smooth production.

Good compound Feed, Good Food

Nieuwland Feed & Supply Ltd was founded in 1984. The company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of animal feeds, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals and other farm supplies. At Drayton, Ontario, Canada a new mill expansion build has been set up. A large-capacity mill of the type GDL 25 from Tietjen is also located here. The hammer mill system provided by Tietjen can grind, but not limited to, wheat, corn and barley. This new system is capable of producing 70 TPH of finished ground production. The GDL unit provides ease of maintenance and grist spectrum variations through the advantage of the semi-automatic screen change feature. Tietjen also provided technical services. Direct communication with the mill’s operations manager, the project’s general contractor and various subcontractors, was a focus from the beginning and paved the way for finding best practice solutions for the efficiency of the milling system on site.

We are active worldwide for our customers and partners and support you in all areas. Our goal: efficient utilisation of raw materials for the highest quality of the end product in compound feed production..

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