Breadcrumbs, Germany

Hammer mills in the production of breadcrumbs


Breadcrumbs are used when preparing a wide variety of foods – for cutlets, chicken or fish fillets. Children in particular enjoy eating fish fingers, not least because of the delicious breadcrumbs they contain. Breadcrumbs come in a wide range of grain sizes. A Tietjen hammer mill is also used in the production process by a major German breadcrumb manufacturer.

Breadcrumbs in the food industry

It takes more than it might seem to make the perfect breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are used when preparing a wide variety of foods – for cutlets, chicken or fish fillets. Breadcrumbs enhance the frying process by capturing the fat and meat juices that escape when cooking meat. The crispy coating is a real treat for many.

Breadcrumbs go by many different names and are made from dry white bread or dry rolls either by grating or grinding. This process is economical in itself, since the baked goods are fully utilised as food. Lately, however, the process is coming under more and more scrutiny. A more recent process involves the production of special breads to obtain breadcrumbs. This process has managed to establish itself on an industrial scale primarily because it not only produces cheaper bread moulds, but also adapts the bread quality to the requirements of the breadcrumbs.

Hammer mills in the production of breadcrumbs

The number of breadcrumb varieties is huge: From coarse breadcrumbs through to very fine varieties. When using particularly fine grain sizes and for recirculation, special care must be taken. Our solutions deliver the flexibility needed to produce a wide variety of breadcrumbs. The system designer and constructor, Derichs GmbH Verfahrenstechnik from Übach-Palenberg, counts on a Tietjen hammer mill in one of its latest BRATA KG breadcrumb systems.

Best grinding with Tietjen

BRATA KG is a manufacturer of breadcrumbs. The company from Neuss supplies breading systems, wet breading, bakery doughs for the food industry, bulk consumers and the food retail trade. Stringent quality requirements are an important factor for BRATA in the production of breadcrumbs. The VDK high speed mill is BRATA’s hammer mill for ultra-fine grinding when it comes to demanding recipes.

Grinding with the VDK 7.1

The special 6-axis rotor design delivers an optimum beater configuration and guarantees maximum material contact for efficient production of the finest quality products, as well as products with a coarse texture. The mill is designed for fine grinding of approx. 6t/h of dried breadcrumbs to ensure the right grain size and yield. But it is not only the work performance that plays an important role for us, safety is also paramount. All explosion and emission protection concepts are considered in the design of the mill module. The module is explosion pressure shock resistant to 0.4 bar and is equipped with flameless pressure relief valves.

The noise pollution that is typical for hammer mill applications is reduced by -20 dB at 250 Hz, – 28 dB at 500 Hz and -38 dB at 1 kHz by encapsulating the mill module with sound insulation. By taking this measure, the area outside the soundproof encapsulation in the immediate vicinity can be classified as an area of permanent work.

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