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Regular inspections can prevent long downtimes. Unforeseen damage leads to unplanned production downtimes and often inevitably leads to high production downtime costs. It is not only the loss of turnover and earnings that has to be taken into consideration, angry customers are also frequently the result. We therefore recommend that you undertake preventive maintenance. This protects you against direct and indirect damage.

The missed income resulting from an unplanned downtime quickly amounts to several tens of thousands of euros per day. It is possible to reduce the risk of an unplanned downtime with a low maintenance fee. Our customer service not only implements the maintenance work you have requested, it also inspects all safety-related plant components in accordance with the BetrSichV (German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health). This inspection must be carried out every three years by every operator. We offer you individual maintenance concepts which range from one-time inspections and immediate maintenance to rolling inspections at regular intervals. Just get in touch with us.

Bespoke maintenance concepts
Inspection, immediate maintenance and more
Concept 1: One-time inspection

Our service team will perform the inspection of your system on site. You will receive a comprehensive report. This report includes recommendations for actions to be taken to maintain or sustainably improve the current performance of the grinding system. The recommended measures are implemented after consultation with you.

Concept 2: Immediate maintenance

Our service team will perform an on-site inspection and maintenance of your system. The replacement parts you need are assembled directly here. You will of course receive a report on the locally implemented measures and installations. This is how we maintain the functionality of your system and minimise the risk of downtime.

Concept 3: Rolling inspections

Our rolling inspections involve our service staff carrying out on-site inspections at set intervals. Maintenance work is also carried out on your system at intervals that are staggered accordingly. This is how we ensure the productivity and longevity of your system by means of regular inspection and maintenance.

Individual maintenance contract

We would be happy to conclude an individual maintenance contract with you in accordance with your system specifications. This not only yields cost advantages for you in comparison to the individual commissioning of maintenance measures, but more importantly, it guarantees you safety and comfort. Our service team will plan the necessary maintenance intervals, stay on top of the deadlines and thereby ensure the seamless operation of your production.

Bild Christophe-Maria Schulze
Customer service at Tietjen:

“We minimise the downtime of your system with individual maintenance concepts, operational readiness and our system optimisation.”

Christophe-Maria Schulze, Team Leader Field Service