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Maintenance and customer service

24/7 availability for your production

It is difficult to identify gradual wear after many years of operation and in daily use. Our experienced service technicians and engineers go through your system with a fine-toothed comb. We can offer this service for the most diverse areas of application worldwide.

We rely on a network of dependable cooperation partners so that we can take on individual and, primarily, international tasks for our customers. Our objective is to keep your production downtime as low as possible. This is why work is often carried out on weekends. As a result, production can be up and running again on Monday following a weekend shutdown. We offer our customers Maintenance concepts with regular inspections to ensure long-term operational reliability. Together with them, we will find an individual solution that will have a minimum impact on their production process.

You will not have to wait long for us
Rotor change over the weekend
Rotorwechsel Wochenende

Our service team dismantles the rotor on Friday after production has stopped and transports it to our factory. The rotor and the mill will be reworked during the night from Friday to Saturday. The return transport and reinstallation takes place from Saturday to Sunday. This means that production can run again without any problems from Monday.

Refurbishment of high quality spare parts
Efficient and economical
Ersatzteile Rotoren

We are more than happy to offer our customers the opportunity to overhaul the mill’s rotor and frame systems at our factory in northern Germany. Following precise inspection, definition and implementation of the measures, you will then be given back the refurbished replacement parts in like-new condition.
Make use of the benefits of close cooperation with us so that you can operate your system as economically as possible and secure a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge
Our customer service principles
Short downtimes

Our proactive maintenance concepts help you prevent unplanned downtime and improve your maintenance. Our new myTietjen digital service helps you make your system management smart. Our service readiness means that we can guarantee the shortest possible downtimes and set-up times.

Cost reduction

You can prevent unplanned downtime that is often associated with high costs by implementing an individual and systematic maintenance program. Please do not hesitate to contact us, together we will find an optimal concept for the regular maintenance of your system.

Extend the service life

Exploit the full potential of our grinding systems and therefore of your investment. Our system optimisation consultations not only prolong the technical service life, we also get the best out of your system in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Bild Christophe-Maria Schulze
Customer service at Tietjen:

“We minimise the downtime of your system with individual maintenance concepts, operational readiness and our system optimisation.”

Christophe-Maria Schulze, Team Leader Field Service