AGS AD for foreign body separation and discharge during grinding process

Tietjen introduces new products at VICTAM International

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Tietjen presents its new developments for the compound feed and petfood/aquafeed industry at VICTAM International in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

New Products Increase the Efficiency of Hammer Mills

From 31.05. to 02.06.2022 Tietjen presents its new developments for the compound feed and petfood/aquafeed industry at VICTAM International in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

With the Large Chamber Mill FD, Tietjen presents the latest of its hammer mills optimized for fine grinding of petfood. It achieves a very high throughput of over 15 t/h and reaches a high fineness at the same time.

For the Large Chamber Mill FD, Tietjen has enhanced its proven design. The durable, optimized rotor design is dynamically balanced and now allows, depending on the recipe, a loading of more than 15 t/h with almost the same installation space compared to other large-capacity mills from Tietjen. The new optimized design and the optional enlargement of the impact zone ensure the very high fineness of the ground material with simultaneous high loading. Particle sizes of < 500 µm at a fineness of 99% are achieved even for demanding petfood recipes.

In combination with a metering screw and the new Air-Gravity-Separator AGS AD, the efficiency of the grinding system is increased even further.

Thanks to the separation of foreign particles with the AGS AD and the subsequent automated discharge with a collecting screw, a smooth operation of the system is guaranteed. To make this possible, the separation of magnetic foreign bodies was optimized compared to the AGS. Pneumatically swivelling magnets and flaps clean the bulk material from foreign bodies fully automatically and then channel the foreign bodies into a collecting screw, which discharges the foreign bodies out of the system.

Thanks to almost identical installation space and flange dimensions, the predecessor AGS can easily be replaced by the new AGS AD.

Another highlight is the new Online Particle Size Controller OPC, which significantly increases the economic efficiency of the hammer mill, makes the process more independent from the operator, and at the same time increases the consistency and quality of the ground material.

The OPC is directly integrated into the grinding process of the hammer mill: Ground material is fed into the OPC via a bypass, where the particle size is continuously determined. The measurement data is then evaluated in the OPC software, which is available in several languages. If the particle size deviates from the previously defined specification or if there is a screen break, the OPC software informs the operator.

This automated and integrated measuring process increases throughput because the grinding process does not have to be interrupted during the analysis. Also, the change in fineness spectrum provides valuable information on maintenance requirements or compliance with quality criteria in the grinding process - and all this in real time, cost-effective and integrated into the grinding process.

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