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Training at Tietjen, our trainees Anton and Merlin report about their training period at Tietjen. Why they chose their apprenticeship, what they especially like in their apprenticeship and at Tietjen.

Our apprentices Anton Glismann and Merlin Körner have just successfully finished their apprenticeship at Tietjen. Already 6 months before the end of their apprenticeship, both have received a permanent employment contract at Tietjen.

On behalf of the whole staff, we congratulate both of them, at the same time we have some questions for them:

What training did you do at Tietjen?

Merlin: I learned technical product design.

Anton: I am an industrial mechanic.

Why did you decide on Tietjen and your apprenticeship at that time?

Merlin: I had gotten a positive impression of the company and was interested in the machines that are built at Tietjen. Shortly after, I had signed my contract.

I chose my apprenticeship because I like working on the computer and CAD systems have always fascinated me. In addition, I am a creative person who wanted to develop this skill and I enjoy teamwork.

Anton: I discovered early on that I simply enjoy technology and tinkering. At home, I worked on karts and mopeds with my father. I wanted to incorporate this technical interest into my later career and decided to train as an industrial mechanic. When choosing a company, it was important to me not only to be close to it, but also to work in an economically sound company that already had experience in training.

What did you like about the training?

Merlin: I liked the support provided by the company. Whether it was fare or the final project, I always felt I was in good hands. The staff is very informal. I have no comparison, but I am convinced that there are few other companies with such an atmosphere.

Anton: I particularly liked the variety of tasks, the high level of practical orientation and also the good atmosphere in the workshop.

What tasks will you take on after the apprenticeship, what are you looking forward to the most?

Merlin: After my apprenticeship, I will continue to work on the tasks that I was able to perform during the 3.5 years. This includes 3D modeling and drawing derivation, as well as more complex changes to parts and assemblies.

Anton: I'm doing a lot of welding at the moment, but I'm also doing various metalworking tasks such as drilling, welding, turning, milling and assembling.

How many trainees are there in total at Tietjen?

Anton: We are currently 6 trainees and also have colleagues who have just finished their training. We train industrial mechanics, industrial clerks & product designers.

Merlin: Joint activities are also regularly on the agenda: There is a joint trainee breakfast twice a year, always after the report cards, and of course we are always present at the summer party and the Christmas party. In November, we all went to the EuroTier trade show to get to know our industry better.

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