A brief trip through time – Peter Wagner’s anniversary

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From production employee to operations manager: In his 42 years at Tietjen, Mr Peter Wagner had not just experienced many things, but also been involved in many key innovations right from the start. After training as a mechanical engineer, he started at Tietjen at a time when the company had just twelve members of staff. During his rise to operations manager he has achieved a great deal along the way, and Mr Wagner is today still responsible for numerous staff and company activities, and supports Tietjen wherever he can.

Peter Wagner has been at Tietjen for 42 years.

From production employee to operations manager: In his 42 years at Tietjen, Mr Peter Wagner had not just experienced many things, but also been involved in many key innovations right from the start.

On his first day of work at Tietjen, 6th February 1978, Mr Wagner himself certainly didn’t think he would be loyal to one firm for so long – and might become our longest-serving, still active employee. But since then, it’s become impossible to think of Tietjen without him.

How it all started

It all started after he finished his training as a mechanical engineer. In those days, with a total of twelve employees, the company was still small with nine production staff. With his training as a mechanical engineer, Mr Wagner took over the welding, sheet metal work and machining jobs in the Tietjen production facility. In 1979, the company expanded to include 16 staff, and its increasing workload required the first extension to the existing building.

Then, at the beginning of the 1980s, Mr Wagner’s specialist field was extended with him taking over responsibility for assembly and commissioning in England and Sweden. Just six years later he was appointed deputy workshop manager. At the same time, he also participated in various further training initiatives. His knowledge of electrical engineering and IT stood him in particularly good stead. As early as 1985, he produced the first CAD diagrams on a PC.

In 1989, Mr Wagner switched from production to the technical department, where he supported design and work planning. Around the same time he also constructed the first IT network at Tietjen. In parallel with this, Mr Wagner also took part in numerous work placements in grinding companies in order to consolidate the expertise he had learned. He was also a regular participant in seminars, for example those organised by the Research Institute of Feed Technology. Then, at the beginning of the 1990s, Mr Wagner became involved in commissioning all over the world, travelling for example to South Korea and South America.

From qualified mechanical engineer to operations manager

When a big order arrived from the Netherlands in 1998, Mr Wagner played a decisive role in implementing it. He was also responsible for technical implementation of the assembly and commissioning of the eight mills involved. During this period, the focus of Mr Wagner’s activities gradually shifted towards management. Among other things, his responsibilities included concluding contracts and purchasing. As a result, Mr Wagner discovered that he really enjoyed wide-ranging projects and assembly scheduling. It was therefore no surprise that, in 2004, he became operations manager at Tietjen.

After seven more years, Mr Wagner reached another milestone in his professional career: he became an authorised representative of Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik. Today, Mr Wagner remains responsible for numerous employees and company activities, and supports Tietjen wherever he can.

On behalf of everyone in the company, we would like to thank Mr Wagner for his magnificent commitment to Tietjen and look forward to many more successful years with him.

Peter Wagner at Tietjen

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