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Despite coronavirus we’re still training

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There are two new faces at Tietjen. When training started officially on 3 August 2020, Annika Mohr and Janne Tim Löw began their training with us. Annika is training to become an office clerk, and Janne Tim Löw an industrial mechanic in production. To both, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Tietjen.

Training the next generation is important to us

Although not everything proceeds as normal in the coronavirus era, we definitely want to continue training. On 3 August, our new trainees Annika Mohr and Janne Tim Löw were given a warm welcome by the company management and their supervisors. This year, however, the greeting took place without any handshakes, and instead at the required distance with facemasks in place. Annika is starting training as an office clerk, and Janne Tim Löw is beginning his professional career with training as an industrial mechanic in our production department.

Training and supporting the next generation are very important to us. With six trainees and students at present, we’re making an important contribution to the future of young people in our region. In addition, we provide interested school students and school leavers with an opportunity to form their first impressions of professional life and the skills they could learn during a trial placement. You can find more information on our detail page "Training at Tietjen".

If you’re interested in training at Tietjen, you’re welcome to write to us at career@tietjen-original.com We wish all our trainees a fantastic start and look forward to many exciting years together!

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