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For the safety of your system and employees

Explosion protection for your system

Optimum safety, in line with the latest technological standards.

The safety of your grinding plant and consequently the safety of your employees is something that is very close to our hearts. Thanks to the in-house development of pressure release systems, we have played a role in ensuring that grinding systems are safer today than in the past.

All our machines and appliances are built to be resistant to explosion pressure shock and flame penetration, up to a reduced explosion overpressure of 0.4 bar. Higher pressures are also possible on request. We have not only relied on calculations (FEM) for decades, but have also tested under real test conditions at well-known institutes.

Our safety technology complies with the necessary protection requirements in accordance with the currently valid international guidelines We are there for you from the very beginning with help and advice on the topics of explosion protection and system safety. We develop safe and economical concepts tailored specifically to the needs of our customers. Our own service team undertakes regular inspections and maintenance of the system and safety equipment on request.

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Joint walkthrough and analysis of your system

We can advise you independently and comprehensively about all matters relating to the explosion protection of your system.

Preparation of your explosion protection concept

We develop an individual protection concept in cooperation with you. The objective is to ensure that the system is designed safely, in compliance with all the applicable directives and laws.

Ignition source analysis

We will assess electrical and non-electrical equipment with respect to an effective ignition source in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Classification of your entire system into Ex zones

If it is not possible to safely rule out the occurrence of potentially explosive atmospheres, then these are divided into potentially explosive zones, so-called “Ex zones”.

Creation or updating of the explosion protection document

We will draw up or update the explosion protection document in cooperation with you. In this context, all current national and international standards and guidelines, as well as the recommendations of the insurers, are taken into due consideration.

Support with approval procedures and communication with the relevant authorities

Our concepts for system safety as well as the comprehensive documentation will assist you in communicating with the responsible authorities or experts.

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Consulting at Tietjen:

“We want to streamline your system while improving safety. This is how we make your production process more efficient.”

Peter Wagner, Head of Operations and Member of the Executive Board