Maintaining mills and installations the easy way with MyTIETJEN

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To enable our customers to adhere to their maintenance schedule and plan independently, we’ve developed the myTietjen web application. MyTietjen provides access to information about the machines through a mobile device. Simply scan the QR code on your machine to access personalised spare parts lists and maintenance plans, plus operating instructions and technical drawings.

Automated maintenance and repair

The maintenance and repair management tool helps you keep track of the maintenance of your machinery. Reports and faults can be recorded directly, and measures to withdraw machines from service can be drawn up and documented.

In addition, myTietjen provides you with an improved overview of your own spar parts stocks. To remove a part, you also just need to scan a QR code. On request, the system sends you a message via e-mail when stocks fall below a set minimum.  You can choose whether to order the spare parts via the platform or via phone or e-mail as usual. As soon as the delivery reaches you, scan the attached code and your system stocks will be replenished. You can find more information about myTietjen on our topic page "Digital maintenance".

Monitoring your spare parts reserves

MyTietjen organises the monitoring of your spare parts reserves and helps compliance with maintenance intervals. The platform is at currently in the testing phase, and is available free. We would be happy to welcome you as a trial user. Register directly at:

If you have any questions, please feel free to write an e-mail to Yannick Wangelin ( ) or

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The amount of plastic waste is increasing from year to year. Biodegradable packaging is therefore becoming increasingly important, and not only in the food industry. Yet there are already many sustainable packaging alternatives – such as bio-film made from macroalgae. Since this process is very time-consuming and expensive, Ludwig Schmidtchen, a doctoral student, has developed a cheaper and faster manufacturing process for this film. He received help from Tietjen.

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