60 years of experience in grinding

Our story

From a farm to a global mechanical engineering company: For nearly 100 years, we have been promoting innovations in the field of grinding technology. We do not want to forget this tradition. It is associated with smart minds, especially many customers, who inspire us with their ideas.


Experiments with crushing machines

In addition to his work as a farmer, company founder Hinrich Tietjen began processing feed for fattening pigs. He knew that ingredients have a great impact on feed conversion, and thus successful fattening.

Altes Gebaeude

The company is founded

The first in-house hammer mills were built after Johannes Tietjen, a trained engineer, took over the technical development work in his father’s company in 1957. In 1959, the engineering company Tietjen Maschinen und Mühlenbau was founded. The TURBO-AUTOMATIK-MÜHLE (automatic turbo mill) with a drive power of up to 75 kW received an international patent.

Mitarbeiter vor Muehle Schwarzweiß Bild

First large-capacity hammer mills

Tietjen built and supplied the first GD large-scale hammer mill with a drive power of up to 450 kW in the mid-1970s. That same year, the first hammer mill for straw grinding was also delivered.


Start of feed production

Tietjen supplied Malmö with the first grinding plants for structural feed. This job consisted of four hammer mills with sifting systems, complete conveying and container systems, as well as the assembly of all the plant components. The systems are still in operation today.


Entry into the British feed market

Tietjen prevailed in a comparison test with its LDX 10 hammer mill. Fifty hammer mills were built. In 1987 and 1988, more than 50% of all machines manufactured by Tietjen were delivered to the UK. Since then, the UK has been one of the most robust “Tietjen markets”.

Mehrere Muehlen mit Mitarbeitern

Development of the GDX 20 large chamber mill

The remote-controlled, fully automated sieve change when the machine is running is an innovation. Its variable speed makes it possible to grind variable material structures at throughput rates of up to 80 tonnes per hour.

Muehle Innenansicht

Explosion protection

Tietjen developed its own explosion protection concept and components. Tietjen safety technology meets the necessary safety requirements and comes with an EC Declaration of Conformity according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

1994 bis 1998

Tietjen enters the world pet food market

Tietjen manufactured three GDX 20 hammer mills for feed manufacturers in South Korea, delivered six LDX 10 hammer mills to an aquafeed plant in Chile and seven GDL hammer mills to the Netherlands.


Separation of biowaste and packaging

Tietjen developed the DRM hybrid system. At its core is a double rotor mill that unpacks food while simultaneously crushing the contents. In 2007, the first system was delivered to foodstuff and food waste disposal companies.

Modul Innenansicht

Substrate preparation for biogas generation

Tietjen developed the IMPRA procedure to process wet, organic substances. The core of this patented system is a stainless steel wet crusher. With the help of the new process, alternative substrates such as grass, clover, solid manure or straw can also be used to generate biogas.


New solutions for ultrafine grinding of aquafeed and pet food

Tietjen began a collaboration with NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology GmbH (NEA). The company took over the worldwide distribution of the “TICM” (Tietjen Impact-Classifier Mill) in the ultrafine grinding sector for producing aquafeed and pet food.


Tietjen introduces a new grinding solution for the feed industry

The Crusher CR is a versatile machine for coarse crushing of bulk materials. It is suitable, for example, for crushing agglomerates or for pre-crushing coarse pieces of material for further grinding.



An eye to the future

Innovation and ingenuity have driven our thinking for decades. Our Tietjen team of around 60 employees is already working on implementing more projects all over the world. We plan and install bespoke grinding solutions – from the raw material right to a perfect transfer to pelletisation or extrusion processes. We have the right system for every task.

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