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Not all animal feeds are equal. The aim of any feed preparation is to ensure better utilisation. Utilisation refers to complete intake and digestion of the feed. The preparation of the feed should therefore be geared to different conditions: the intake itself, the crushing in the mouth and the different digestive tracts of the animals. We process grain and other raw materials with precision and energy efficiency. We recognise the requirements and develop systems for the production of animal feed together with our customers. Take advantage of our experience for your success.

Expertise for more than 60 years
Grinding solutions for the production of mixed feed

Optimal digestion is coordinated with the following process. A digested product should typically be as coarse as possible and as fine as is required. In doing so, various properties of the components must be taken into consideration, e.g. oil, fat and water content, the proportion of fibres and starch, the type and amount of proteins. Properties change over time due to natural biological processes, e.g. during long storage. We have been dealing with grinding systems in detail for decades now and are well aware of the wide range of your requirements when it comes to producing high-quality animal feed.

Our Tietjen large chamber hammer mills enable high throughput rates with automatic system operation. The GDL large chamber mill has enjoyed particular success in the production of mixed feed thanks to its manual screen change while the machine is still running. The GDX hammer mill is predestined for the production of mixed feed where feed structure requirements change frequently. The fully automatic screen change function makes it possible to quickly switch between different screen perforations at the click of a mouse and while the machine is still running. Our GDL hammer mill is a true powerhouse – performance-oriented down to the very last detail.

GDL large chamber mill
Tietjen mill technology for the production of mixed feed
Our feeders

The distributed loading of the product across the entire width of the hammer mill has a significant effect on the grinding process. It makes a substantial contribution to efficiency and low-wear operation. The feeders are used to supply the aspiration air for grinding and they guarantee a safe product. We can provide you with the right feed technology, customised to the properties of your product and the structural configuration of your system.

The AGS air-gravity separator is well suited for the continuous separation of foreign bodies from bulk materials. Dosing occurs in combination with a dosing screw, which can also convey non-free-flowing bulk materials such as flours and bridge conveyor lines. The side doors and retractable magnets as well as foreign object catching lugs ensure easy cleaning.

Air-gravity separator (AGS)

The DA drum feeder is suited for the continuous separation of foreign bodies from bulk materials. This variant stands out due to its compact design and the loading of the mill directly from the above-lying upstream container. The dosing can be load-dependent in combination with a frequency converter.

Trommelspeisevorrichtung DA
Drum feeder (DA)
Trommelspeisevorrichtung DA

The R vibration feeder is used to feed and dose free-flowing bulk material. Vibration feeding is also suitable for materials that are difficult to flow and bulky products. Dosing is load-dependent in combination with a thyristor control. A magnet ensures the separation of magnetic substances.

Vibrationsrinne R
Vibration feed (R)
Vibrationsrinne R
Bild Dirk Gering

Compound feed and hygiene requirements

“We are well aware of the requirements and comply with the strictest hygiene standards – for the health of your product and the livestock of your customers.”

Dirk Gering, Sales Managaer

Tietjen systems engineering

Our benefits in the production of compound feed

Solutions for sustainable feed production

We work with you and your team to develop individual solutions for the production of your compound feed. The right degree of fineness and a reliably cleaned ground product ensure efficient drying, an improvement in the coating process and consequently an improvement in shelf life. We ensure the highest quality of your compound feed.

Healthy pet food and optimised utilisation of raw materials

We understand the high demands placed on the production of compound feed. We ensure the optimum fineness of your raw material with our grinding solutions. Our objective: efficient utilisation of raw materials for the highest quality of your end product in compound feed production.

Quality and systems engineering services throughout the world

We are there for you worldwide and support you in all areas. We work closely with your team and develop bespoke solutions. We support you worldwide in all areas and offer service and maintenance services as well as comprehensive training programs. We ensure smooth production and minimise downtimes with our high level of replacement parts availability.

Drayton, Canada
Good Feed, Good Food. Large capacity mill for manufacturers of compound feed.

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