Tietjen system optimisation

We just make your system even better

We optimise your system

Everything simply better instead of everything new

Increasing competitiveness can often only be achieved through low costs and higher quality. We take both factors into consideration during our system optimisation. We work closely together with you to improve your system and consequently your entire production process. Whether energy efficiency or optimising process technology, we come up with solutions in the mechanical, electrical or control engineering areas of your system.

One small example: A new motor is often about five percent more efficient than the previous model. Replacement is worthwhile as early as the second year in the case of 7,000 annual operating hours. Our engineers will look at your situation together with you. In doing so, our team always takes a comprehensive view of your situation and industry: Have the requirements for your grinding system changed over the years? Are there higher fineness grades, a defined particle size distribution, a change in the quality of the raw materials or simply higher capacity requirements? If so, will a new system pay for itself or can more cost-effective solutions be found by improving individual system components?

Our experience has shown that optimising your system can be a sensible alternative. Our experts will work with you to develop an individual solution and strategy that will make you and your production competitive. We want to achieve the utmost from your system and fulfil the requirements of tomorrow. We use our many years of experience in systems engineering to develop customised solutions to meet your challenges.

System optimisation at Tietjen

Our approach

Step 01
Discussion and definition of the new requirements
Step 02

Analysis of the mechanical and technical weak points
Step 03

Identification of process optimisation potentials
(e.g. cycle times and routes)
Step 04

Looking at the aspiration and pressure conditions in the system
Step 05

Consideration of control technology potentials
Step 06

Action plan to achieve the objectives set out
The entire system at a glance

Our focus is on

Performance improvement
Emissions, sustainability and environmental protection
Explosion protection and occupational safety
Energy efficiency
Modified product requirements
Take advantage of our experience and knowledge

Our customer service principles

Short downtimes

Our proactive maintenance concepts help you prevent unplanned downtime and improve your maintenance. Our new myTietjen digital service helps you make your system management smart. Our service readiness means that we can guarantee the shortest possible downtimes and set-up times.

Cost reduction

Exploit the full potential of our grinding systems and therefore of your investment. Our system optimisation consultations not only prolong the technical service life, we also get the best out of your system in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Extend the life of your system

Utilize the full potential of our grinding plants and thus of your investment. With our consulting services for plant optimization, we not only extend the technical service life, we also get the best out of your plant economically.

Bild Peter Wagner
Consulting at Tietjen:

“We want to streamline your system while improving safety. This is how we make your production process more efficient.”

Peter Wagner, Head of Operations and Member of the Executive Board