Separation with Automated Discharge

Air gravity separator AGS AD

Air Gravity Separator

Air gravity separator AGS AD

Separation with Automated Discharge

Throughput capacity
90 -154 m³/h
Throughput capacity at 0.6 t/m³
55 - 92 t/h
480 - 600 kg
Working width
830 - 1380 mm
Installation height
1095 mm

Technical details
  • Automated discharge of separated foreign particles
  • Robust and proven design,
  • Wear and low-maintenance cleaning easily via side doors
  • Cross-flow sifter: air volume and speed adjustable from the outside
  • Precise, load-dependent feeding of the hammer mill when using a fully automatic mill controller
  • Exchange of AGS for AGS AD possible
  • RAL 7032 (pebble gray) or RAL 9001 (cream white)
Machine types
AGS AD 650 AGD AD 800 AGS AD 1000 AGS AD1200
Throughput capacity (0.6t/m³) 55 t/h 63 t/h 80 t/h 92 t/h
Throughput capacity 90 m³/h 105 m³/h 132 m³/h 154 m³/h
Air volume at ≥ 11 m/s 95 m³/min 110 m³/min 140 m³/min 176 m³/min
Dimensions and weights
Working width 650 mm 760 mm 960 mm 1112 mm
Installation height 1095 mm 1095 mm 1095 mm 1095 mm
Width 830 mm 980 mm 1180 mm 1380 mm
Depth 695 mm 695 mm 695 mm 695 mm
Weight 480 kg 500 kg 560 kg 600 kg
Electrical Power 0.18 kW 0.18 kW 0.18 kW 0.18 kW
Pneumatic pressure ca. 6 bar 6 bar ca. 6 bar ca. 6 bar

Good dosing – Tietjen feeders

Foreign body separation with automated discharge

separation of foreign bodies

The air-gravity separator AGS AD is used for aspiration of the hammer mill and simultaneous continuous separation of foreign bodies of all kinds. A cascade with extra strong permanent magnets separates magnetic metal foreign bodies. Non-magnetic foreign bodies are separated in the air flow of the aspiration air. The air flow in the separator can be adapted to the grinding material by means of baffles.

Pneumatically swivelling magnets and flaps clean the foreign particles fully automatically and discharge them time-controlled into a collecting screw. The collecting screw discharges the material via a lateral pipe. To ensure pressure surge resistance, the pipeline is closed by a pipe flap during discharge. A dedicated control system controls this process.

The A-Vent aspiration air valve decouples the inlet for the aspiration air in the event of an explosion. In the event of a dust explosion inside the hammer mill, the A-Vent closes and shuts off the interior from the environment. The valve opens again when normal pressure is reached.

The AGS and the AGS AD have the same installation height and the same flange dimension, so that an AGS can easily be exchanged for an AGS AD.

Since the AGS series combines a wide range of applications  with a high foreign matter separation rate, it is one of the best-selling feeders from the Tietjen range. Please also read our article Good grinding starts with the feeder.

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