For high finess and grist spectrum-definition requirements

Tietjen impact-classifier mill TICM


Tietjen impact-classifier mill TICM

For high finess and grist spectrum-definition requirements

Technical Data

Drive power
75 – 250 kW
Filter area
70 – 214 m2

Technical details
  • Robust design, pressure surge up to 10 bar
  • Optimized grinding chamber design for temperature sensitive products, energy efficiency and low wear
  • Easy access to the grinding chamber
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Direct drive concept: energy efficient, compact, low maintenance, quiet
  • Sharp upper particle size limits and steep particle size distributions
Machine types
Impact mill TICM 800 TICM 1000 TICM 1300 TICM 1600
Drive mill (kW) 75 kW 100 kW 160 kW 250 kW
Drive classifier (kW) 5.5 kW 11 kW 15 kW 37 kW
Filter system
Filter area (m³) 70 m³ 102 m³ 158 m³ 214 m³
Air volume (m³/min) 96 m³/min 150 m³/min 240 m³/min 380 m³/min
Fan drive (kW) 90 kW 110 kW 160 kW 250 kW
Grinding capacity (Reference values for typical fish feed recipes with max. 8 % fat incl. rework, deviations possible depending on the recipe)
Fineness 98 % < 100 µm, d 98 (t/h) 0,75 t/h 1,2 t/h 1,9 t/h 3 t/h
Fineness 98 % < 200 µm, d 98 (t/h) 2 t/h 3,5 t/h 5 t/h 8,5 t/h
Fineness 98 % < 300 µm, d 98 (t/h) 3 t/h 5 t/h 7,5 t/h 11,5 t/h
Fineness 98 % < 400 µm, d 98 (t/h) 4 t/h 6 t/h 9 t/h 14,5 t/h

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Super fine grinding at the highest level

Best grinding performance for fish and shrimp feed

fish food

The Impact-Classifier Mill type TICM is designed for super fine grinding in fish and shrimp-feed production. It combines efficient impact grinding with precise classification in a single machine. The decisive advantage of the TICM is its narrow particle size distribution with accurate separation from 100 µm to 400 µm.

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Efficient Grinding with Very High Fineness Requirements

Your Advantages

TICM_Complete solution TICM TCIM_Mill

Efficient Grinding with Very High Fineness Requirements

  • Specially designed for the requirements of ultra-fine grinding
  • Optimised design for temperature-sensitive products
  • Integrated air classifier to control the maximum particle size as well as for a narrow grist spectrum
  • Direct drive for energy efficiency
  • Grinding disc and classifier wheel driven separately, different speeds possible
  • Variable grist spectrum by changing the speeds of grinding disc and classifier wheel (when using a frequency converter)

Reliable Operation and Long Service Life

  • Robust welded steel construction for continuous industrial operation (24/7)
  • Grinding chamber equipped with wear elements to protect the housing, easy to change

High Availability with Low Downtimes

  • Split, swiveling mill housing for quick accessibility and easy maintenance
  • Low-maintenance direct drive

High Safety of Personnel and Plant

  • Temperature and pressure measurement before and after the mill
  • Pressure shock resistant design according to PSR 11 optionally possible
  • ATEX design of the electrical components optionally possible
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