Efficient shredding and digestion of biomass

Biomass Shredder BMS

Bio shredder and grinder

Biomass Shredder BMS

Efficient shredding and digestion of biomass

up to 15 t/h
Rotor speed
750 - 900 rpm
Number of beaters
Dimensions (total)
2700 x 1730 x 2530 mm

Technical details
Machine types
BMS 1500
Throughput up to 15 t/h
Rotor speed 750 -900 rpm
Number of beaters 6
Three-phase motor 132 kW
Dimensions / Weight
Diameter housing 1480 mm
Height housing 1500 mm
Length x Width x Height (total) 2700 x 1730 x 2530 mm
Weight incl. motor approx 5000 kg

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Increase your biogas yield

Shredder for biogas plants


Tietjen’s biomass shredder BMS is a vertical shredder that efficiently and homogeneously processes biomass for anaerobic digestion. By de-fibering, crushing and grinding with Tietjen’s Shredder, a higher gas yield is achieved, and difficult substrates can be made usable in the digester.

These raw materials are typically shredded and crushed in the Biomass Shredder BMS:

  • Solid manure from chickens, cattle, horses, turkeys or pigs.
  • Corn and grass silage
  • Grass clippings and straw
  • Sugar beets
  • Crops and agricultural waste
  • other biomass
Advantages at a glance

Perfect substrate preparation for biogas plants

Problem solver for biogas plants

The Biomass Shredder BMS handles even the most difficult substrates and thus supports mixing and digestion of the biomass in the digester.

High throughput

With up to 15 t/h, the Biomass Shredder BMS achieves the highest throughput capacity on the market and at the same time impresses with its high machine availability.

Easy-to-maintain vertical shredder

One focus in the development of the Biomass Shredder BMS is on ease of maintenance. Both efficiency and ergonomics.


The biomass shredder BMS in operation

The biomass, such as solid manure, straw or silage, is fed into the machine from above, pre-shredded by a ripping comb above the rotor and then enters the impact zone. Shredding then takes place by means of a rapidly rotating rotor and impact bars made of wear-resistant material. The beaters mounted on the rotor provide a blunt de-fibering action, resulting in a homogeneous and well-digested substrate that is ideally prepared for anaerobic digestion.

An investment that pays off

A shredder for the smooth operation of your biogas plant

Biomass Shredder grinds and crushes manure and other biomass

High machine availability and a long service life increase the economic efficiency of the Biomass Shredder BMS:

  • Smooth running of the machine due to ripping combs for distribution of the material
  • Impact parts and beaters made of wear-resistant materials such as Hardox and carbide
  • Monitoring of unbalance, contaminant ingress and vibrations with the aid of a vibration sensor
  • Energy savings due to fewer floating layers and lower agitation power in the fermenter
  • Insensitive to impurities, as no sharp tools are used.
  • Clog-free operation due to discharge in the bottom of the impact chamber
  • Bearing temperature control
  • Less build up due to stainless steel plates
Inexpensive and quick replacement of spare parts

Maintenance-friendly shredder for biogas plants

During the development of the Biomass Shredder BMS, special emphasis was placed on ease of maintenance. Both time, cost and ergonomics of maintenance were taken into account:

  • Minimal wear costs due to replaceable shredding tools on the beater.
  • Easy to change wear plates due to external screw connection
  • Large maintenance door ensures maximum accessibility
  • Adaptable to on-site conditions: Maintenance opening can be varied in 15° steps
  • Maintenance platform at the maintenance door
  • Easy removal of heavy parts by crossbeam with chain hoist (option)
Application Biogas
Biomass to biogas solutions
Application biogas

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