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Biogasanlage Substrat
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Effective substrate digestion

Biogasanlage Substrat

Future-oriented biogas production calls for an increase in efficiency across all system types, both in terms of technical equipment as well as the flexible use of biomass.  Solids and liquids can be broken down to cell structure and – depending on the substrate and requirements. As a result, the process dissolves more nutrients from fibres and stalks. It therefore also means that raw materials that are difficult to ferment can be used in previously unattainable quantities.

Expertise for more than 60 years

Process engineering for your biogas system

We apply our system expertise to your biogas unit. You define the framework conditions and requirements for your system, and we will configure the ideal output, equipment and support for your process.

With our technology, usable cellulose contained in grass, solid manure and straw is efficiently utilised for biogas production.

When it comes to the pure grinding of dry straw upstream of the fermenter for straw mono-digestion, we also know our stuff. We have developed the straw hammer mill SD especially for the dry grinding of fibrous material such as straw, hay, maize cobs, lucerne, miscanthus, hemp or jute.

The biomass shredder BMS specializes in coarse shredding of fibrous materials. It achieves a throughput of up to 15t/h when shredding biomass.

Biomass shredder BMS: the grinder processes biomass for biogas production
Biomass Shredder BMS
Biomass shredder BMS: the grinder processes biomass for biogas production

We ensure peak economic and ecological performance with maximum energy yield with the IMPRA crusher. Our objective is to achieve the best possible breakdown of energy crops as well as residual and waste materials for the efficiency of your system.

IMPRA: Wet hammer mill for biomass processing and biogas production
IMPRA increases biogas yield
IMPRA: Wet hammer mill for biomass processing and biogas production

The straw mill SD is specially adapted to the grinding of straw due to its special geometry. The result is high throughput and low energy consumption.

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Extra yield due to IMPRA

“IMPRA can be used to reliably and effectively utilise even the most difficult substrates of your greening area, such as grass, catch crops or GPS, for your biogas plant.”

Frank Lippert, Sales Engineer
Tietjen systems engineering

Our benefits for biogas systems

Tailored solutions for your biogas system

You integrate IMPRA as a module into existing pump systems. The system is available in two performance classes. We work together to determine the most profitable configuration for you.

More return for your biogas system

The use of low-cost raw materials means that the IMPRA process pays for itself after only a short time. Other side effect: Due to lower raw material demand, the required cultivation area is reduced, the volume of the repository, the area for spreading, the energy consumption for pumps and agitators and their wear and tear.

Systems engineering services throughout the world

We are there for you worldwide and offer service and maintenance services as well as comprehensive training programs. We ensure smooth production and minimise downtimes with our high level of replacement parts availability.

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More return for biogas plants
Grinding straw to increase regional energy production
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