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We only do what we are particularly good at. In order to be able to take on individual tasks internationally, we rely on a network of reliable and effective cooperation partners. We present some of them here.

Integrated biogas solutions in response to climate change
Integrierte Biogas-Allianz

The Integrated Biogas Alliance (IBA for short) is one of the largest global partnerships implementing turnkey state-of-the-art technology solutions for the conversion of organic waste into renewable energy, compost and fertilizer. The production of biogas from organic waste means not only the production of bioenergy and other fuels from renewable sources, but at the same time a drastic reduction of CO2 emissions in compliance with the goals of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement to combat climate change.

The founding members of the IBA include AB Energy and Entsorga from Italy, Greenlane Renewables from Canada, and Tietjen. We have come together as technology companies in the biogas industry to provide the global biogas industry with a unique, fully integrated waste-to-energy platform. We aim to reduce risks for investors and EPC`s in developing and implementing projects and improve financing options. With global presence, reach and a comprehensive scope of supply, the Integrated Biogas Alliance is able to handle almost all organic waste materials.

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