Combinations for the best results

Plant design for dry grinding

Tietjen customisation from A-Z

Creation of turnkey grinding solutions

Every design and plant is unique. We analyse our customers’ requirements with regard to the desired grinding result, structural conditions and process specifications. Together, we create a bespoke process diagram that also takes into account mixing, separating or screening. It is only by combining precisely matched components that an effective grinding system is created. Tietjen’s control system, the necessary equipment and dust explosion protection measures allow us to deliver a “total package”. We closely monitor country-specific conditions and the entire scope of delivery to create grinding solutions for the future of your company.

We have an eye on every process step:

Control and sensors

Software tuning for your grinding plant


Various industries and products should take full advantage of the performance of our systems. Precise control with a user-friendly interface is of great importance when it comes to cost-effective capacity utilisation. With us, all essential measuring and control equipment are part of the standard equipment and converge in the Tietjen TCU controller for the grinding module. It is easy to integrate additional products from our company into higher-level automation solutions – we would be happy to take over the necessary individual adjustments.

Load-dependent feeding of the hammer mill via Tietjen’s TCU mill controller for optimum mill utilisation.

Automatic filter control for reliable filter cleaning.

Airflow measurement for variable control of the fan to increase energy efficiency.

Temperature monitoring of the mill bearings to protect against overheating.

VC vacuum monitor to monitor the vacuum in the receptacle to improve process safety and optimise grinding results.

Automatic mill door locking and standstill monitoring for operator safety.

Vermahlungsmodul Bestandteile Explosionsschutz
Structural explosion protection according to ATEX

Controlled safety

Vermahlungsmodul Bestandteile Explosionsschutz

Structural explosion protection that minimises the effects of an explosion is be-all and end-all for industrial companies in terms of safety. By researching and developing pressure relief systems, we have contributed to improving safety at grinding plants. All Tietjen mills and other components are explosion-proof, flame-resistant and designed for a reduced explosion overpressure of at least 0.4 bar. The decisive factor is the perfect interplay of the explosion-proof construction of our mills, our in-house pressure-relief valves as well as explosion decoupling. Because safety always originates in the system. Our protocols and work instructions, which we are happy to create as a service in tandem with you, will also help you with the documentation for the relevant authorities or departments. Regular inspections and the maintenance of your safety equipment allow us to guarantee the permanent functional safety of your plant.

The Tietjen A-Vent aspiration valve is open in regular operation and closes in the event of explosion overpressure to reliably prevent any flames from escaping during the intake of the aspirated air.
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Tietjen’s blowout preventer decouples the grinding system of the upstream container if there is no product buffer.
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In the event of an explosion, the Tietjen E-Vent relief valve opens so the overpressure in the container to be protected remains below the pressure shock resistance while simultaneously preventing the flames from escaping.
Entlastungsventil E-Vent
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Entlastungsventil E-Vent
Screws and conveyor systems

Efficient transport

Whether for piece goods or bulk material, in dry, liquid or gaseous form, the main requirement for conveyor systems is safe, careful and energy-efficient transport as well as precise dosing within a load-dependent process.
At Tietjen, we focus on our core competence: conveyor systems and dosing machines for systems to process natural substances. We offer mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic transport.

Grinding – defined and reliable

Hammer and impact classifier mills

Our hammer mills are considered reliable and durable. Tietjen has been synonymous with quality for more than 60 years. We have already delivered more than 2,100 systems for tailor-made plants worldwide and even added impact classifier mills to our programme in 2018. We have an exclusive partnership with NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology GmbH for the fine grinding of fish feed and pet food. From simple self-feeding grinding systems for small operations to computer-controlled large chamber mills with automatic screen change for 24/7 operation. Fineness ranges from > 3 mm to 150 microns. The machines are in operation throughout the world under a wide variety of conditions. They are robust, built to be maintenance-friendly, and specially designed to be extremely energy-efficient to operate. Our drive power varies from 11 to 450 kW. Tietjen’s mills perform a variety of specific crushing tasks. We have the right mill for your product as well – contact us.

Feed and dosing

Good dosing with our feeders

A grinding plant can only operate efficiently if it has the right feed and the feed material is appropriately dosed. Loading the product across the entire width of the hammer mill has a significant effect on the grinding process, ensuring carefree operation and enabling higher performance. In addition to feeding in the grist, our feeders control the supply of aspirated air while separating out foreign matter. We offer our customers three product lines with our R, DA and AGS feeders so that we can select the right feed-in system for you that corresponds to your structural situation and the desired product characteristics. We place your product at the heart of the plant design.

The R vibration feeder is used to feed and dose free-flowing bulk material safely. Tietjen’s vibration chute is virtually unbeatable when it comes to high grinding volumes and extreme-ly uniform feeding. Plus, it has additional advantages when it comes to non-free-flowing materials and bulky products.
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The DA drum feeder is particularly well suited for the continuous separation of foreign bod-ies from bulk materials. This variant stands out due to its compact design and the loading of the mill directly from the above-lying upstream container.
DRUM FEEDER DA for hammer mills
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DRUM FEEDER DA for hammer mills
The AGS air gravity separator ensures the efficient, continuous separation of metal and non-metal foreign bodies from bulk materials. The AGS is one of our best-selling feeders.
Air Gravity separator AGS for foreign body separation
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Air Gravity separator AGS for foreign body separation
Aspiration and filtration

Efficient separation and transport of air and grist

Aspirating a mill and removing the ground product are almost as important as the grinding itself. At Tietjen, we provide the appropriate in-house filtration and the right screw system or pneumatic conveying system for every application and type of mill. Process design and explosion protection are just as important as energy efficiency within the grinding system. That is why, here at Tietjen, we address different pressure and flow conditions in the grinding module, the incoming flow in the Tietjen filter, various filter materials and the optimal design of the filter – from the filter type and model to the individual nozzle for cleaning. We know that a system can only be as good as the quality or sum of its individual components.

Our pocket filters have the largest pocket spacing on the market and offer large filter surfaces despite their compact design. They are easy to maintain from the clean gas side and are particularly suitable for separating dry dust.

Tietjen bag filters are a cost-effective alternative to pocket filters with a higher space requirement. They are available in a round or rectangular design and can be maintained either from the clean or raw gas side. They are particularly suitable for separating dry dust.

Cyclones and separators are suitable for pre-separating high product quantities in the pneumatic transport system upstream of the actual filter system.

The total separator is a combination of a cyclone and a bag or pocket filter. It is mainly used on grinding lines with pneumatic transport. This combination also enables the grinding of raw materials with higher product moisture levels. For pneumatic transport in mills without containers.


Precisely tailored for your system


The volume and shape of our Tietjen receptacle (also called a plenum or trimelle) are customised to meet your unique product characteristics, the mill used and the on-site spatial conditions. A tailor-made container is important to prevent bridging, ensure pressure shock resistance and guarantee a low flow speed towards the filter. It also serves as a frame for the explosion protection relief valves. Tietjen’s upstream containers are always individually tailored according to batch size. Below the container are the screws for the safe removal of the grist as well as the rotary valve for decoupling.



The power of mixing


Tietjen’s milling systems are mainly used in mixed grinding. Mixing the grist into a homogeneous feed material is an important process step before grinding. The optimal mixture loads the mill evenly – for low-wear and efficient operation. While the premixer serves to produce a homogeneous product, the main mixer mixes the grist with the other additives or components that are not to be ground after the grinding process. Thus, it is prepared in batches for subsequent pelletisation or extrusion. Horizontal and vertical mixers are now part of our integrated dry grinding solution, as are sifters and sieves.

Tietjen recommends two vertical premixers.

The macro and micro components to be ground enter the main mixer according to the given formula. 

Current projects

Dry grinding plant engineering

Pet food, South Africa
Grinding solution for pet foods boosts yields
Aquafeed, Vietnam
Sustainable aquafeed production in Vietnam
Individual combinations for optimal results

Responsible for your grinding

Future security and individuality

We are always thinking about the future and asking ourselves the following questions: How will our customers’ product requirements change? What changes can be expected in the commodity markets? What legal guidelines need to be considered? We focus on your situation. Together with you, we determine the optimum process. The perfect grinding system – unique and reliable for a positive future for your company – can only be created by combining precisely matched components.

Performance and reliability

The Tietjen brand stands for reliability and robustness in plant design. We guarantee high availability and distinguish ourselves by a love of finesse. After joint test grinding, the promised grinding spectrum is an integral part of the contract and verifiable for years. The throughput of our plants is not only appreciated by users in the ethanol or power plant sector, whose plants are in continuous operation. We are also always on the lookout for new challenges – from pet food to aquafeed to modern wood grinding. We are the experts in designing dry grinding plants.

Cost-effectiveness and cost transparency

Our solutions often lead to leaner processes and savings on entire lines. Product quality is always at the heart of our analysis. Only with a perfect product can you compete on the market. The options for action we develop and our reliable technical commitments allow us to create a reliable basis for you to make a decision. We also always take crucial follow-up costs for maintenance, wear and tear, as well as staff needs into account in the calculation.

Expertise in grinding for 60 years

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