Separation of Organic Waste from Packaging and Foreign Matter

Depackaging machine DRM

Depackaging machine DRM for food waste

Depackaging machine DRM

Separation of Organic Waste from Packaging and Foreign Matter

Depackaging capacity
up to 25t/h
400V-50Hz - 2x 55 kW
4500 kg
Sound pressure level
< 90 dBA
Rated speed (without frequency inverter operation)
1500 min/1

Technical details
  • Compact, symmetrical and partially bolted stainless steel construction for our depacker
  • Use of wear-resistant cast materials for the highly stressed beaters
  • Upper housing halves split, each opening independently hydraulically for easy maintenance
  • Easy adjustment of particle size structure in organics by frequency controlled drive motors
    and easily exchangeable screen segments
  • Depackaging chamber with individually replaceable impact bars and sieves
  • Sieve perforation freely selectable between 8- 15 mm, depending on input material and required particle size
Machine types
DRM 800
Throughput capacity (t/h) up to 25 t/h
Drive motor (kW) 2 x 55 or 2 x 75 kW
Speed (rpm) 1200-1500
Impact area (m²) 0,8 m²
Screen area (m²) 1,3 m²
Dimensions and Weight
Working width (mm) 800 mm
Length x width x height (approx. mm) 2570 x 2835 x 1930 mm
Weight (approx. kg) 4500 kg
Hydraulic System
Drive motor (approx. kW) 0,95 kW
Oil filling quantity (l) 7 l

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Robust and durable

Depackaging machine for food waste


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The depackaging machine DRM is used for processing food waste like municipal and commercial organic waste or source separated organics (sso). With a high throughput our equipment is designed for professional food waste recycling. Here, our system achieves the highest degrees of purity.

Today, the separation mill DRM is in continuous use in various food waste recycling plants: it unpacks and homogenizes the food waste and thus optimally prepares it for recycling in biogas plants.

Depackaging machine DRM

Focus on economic efficiency

High degree of purity

High purity in the separation process of packaged food waste and other organic waste. Further increase in purity with complete depackaging systems and plant engineering equipment.

20 % dry matter content

Low water consumption in the separation and depackaging process means a lower investment in the fermenter of the biogas plant or a reduction in logistics costs.

Tested in practice for 10 years!

The depackaging machine has been in continuous operation in several German food recycling plants for more than 10 years. It achieves a very high machine availability even with difficult requirements and in multi-shift operation.

Highest purity and highest biomass yield

Double rotor for best performance

depackaging machine cross-section

Our depackaging machine DRM works with the double rotor principle. Only this principle allows our depackaging equipment to achieve the high purity required for the processing of mixed organics like food waste. At the same time the DRM is characterized by high throughput and process reliability.

Advantages of the double rotor:

  • The wide beaters of the first rotor open packages reliably and gently without crushing them too much.
  • Due to the small distance between the beater and the screen, the biomass is pressed through the screen without adding much liquid.
  • The second rotor takes over the material and repeats the process again.
  • The pressed-out packaging material is very light and is ejected from the side of the depackaging machine by centrifugal force. Foreign matter that still contains too much organic material remains in the machine.
Economical and efficient

Low water and energy consumption of the depacker

The depackaging machine DRM separates food waste and packaging without adding water or liquid. Only in the case of very dry organic waste a minimal addition of liquid through integrated nozzles can improve the processing performance.

This is how our separation and depackaging systems achieve their high efficiency, and the low-resource separation saves twice:

  • On the one hand, because hardly any water needs to be used for separation and thus the organic concentration of 20% is very high.
  • On the other hand, a high organic concentration for biogas production means a lower investment in the fermenter, as it can be designed smaller.
  • Further dewatering of the packaging can be carried out by our press screw. The recovered organic matter is also fed into the fermenter.

This is the only way to achieve a high economic efficiency with our separation and depackaging systems for  organic and food waste.

If you would like to know more about the measurement of water consumption and the purity of our DRM, read our article from BioEnergy Insight 03/2023.

Waste processing machine
Always in use

High machine availability of the depacking machine

Waste processing machine

Thanks to its robust stainless steel construction, the DRM can withstand the most demanding separation tasks and has also proven itself in 24/7 multi-shift operation.

The built-in hydraulics of the depacker make it easy for operators of food recycling facilities to open the machine’s housing halves for maintenance or remove massive interfering materials quickly. Essential spare parts that only need to be replaced after a few years can be easily changed, so that a very long service life of the depackaging equipment is achieved.

Screw press for dewatering of biowaste
The DRM as team player

System competence increases biomass yield and purity

Screw press for dewatering of biowaste

The depackaging machine does not stand alone in the waste treatment process. Only with the optimal coordination of the individual process steps the highest performance, efficiency and purity in organic and food waste treatment are achieved. Here you see the depacker together with our screw press PRS for further dewatering of the packaging.

Turnkey solutions

Individual depackaging systems and plants

Plant engineering
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