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Whether it’s forest or industrial residual wood, whether it’s dry or wet wood, whether it’s large or small quantities, whether it’ s frequently or seldom varying input material: Tietjen systems make residual wood recycling more efficient.

Our systems for residual wood recycling can be used in many areas:
In the field of energy production (wood shavings), in the construction industry (insulation materials), in animal husbandry (bedding material), in logistics (packaging accessories and cardboard packaging) or in food production (stabilisers, filling and release agents). We understand the requirements and objectives of the timber industry and always have the right mill for every input material. We are able to meet every requirement thanks to our four own series and more than 40 model variants. Benefit from our experience in waste wood recycling.

The use of biomass or waste wood as a substitute fuel in coal-fired power plants is gaining enormous importance in the energy transition. You can find out more in our article Waste wood as a substitute fuel and alternative to coal.

Wet and dry
Grinding in the timber industry

Raw materials are cut, torn or crushed to obtain fibres, depending on their use. Product qualities differ according to grain size or fibre length. It is often the case that lignin-protected components can only be made accessible for material or energetic utilisation if they have been appropriately crushed.  Tietjen supplies machinery and complete systems for the processing of husks, stalks, straw or grown wood, whether they are dry or “freshly cut” wet wood with a high water content.

The W series wide chamber mills were developed in response to the increasing cost pressure in the production of wood pellets. They are capable of crushing forest-fresh wood shavings with a moisture content of up to 60 percent into pellet-grade chips in a single operation. Our wide chamber mills are also suitable for dry raw materials thanks to their pressure-shock-resistant and ignition-proof design.

Weitkammermühle W
Tietjen wide chamber wet wood mill (W series)
Weitkammermühle W

The VDK series high-speed hammer mill can be used for crushing dry wood chips. The high-speed mill has been specifically designed for crushing fibrous material, such as straw, hay, corncobs, hemp or jute. These hammer mills are especially compact in their design and impress with their low maintenance requirements.

VDK Mühle
VDK high speed hammer mill
VDK Mühle

The Tietjen GD and GDL series large chamber mills are the right choice for those who need a little more. Both types fulfil the highest demands on product fineness and uniform distribution of the grist. The two powerhouses are engine-powered for maximum throughput at up to 450 kW. Both large machines run at a pleasantly low noise level and do not require any additional sound insulation.

GDL series large chamber mills
Bild Karsten Frese

Tietjen mill technology in wood recycling

“Our W series keeps your costs to a minimum. Our wide-chamber mills crush wet wood into pellets in just a single step.”

Karsten Frese, Sales at Tietjen

Tietjen systems engineering

Our benefits in the timber industry

Tailor-made solutions: from the mill through to the final system

We configure the requirements for your system together with you and your team. Which raw materials are used? What capacities are to be achieved? Which product characteristics give you an advantage over your competitors? We understand the market and are able to manufacture all system components individually in accordance with your requirements, if necessary.

Innovative technology in the timber industry

Being a specialist in complex digestion systems, we are just as concerned about the crushing as we are about the necessary yield and conveying technology, the fractionation of the ground wood and the separation, including dust explosion protection. We rely on innovative and modern systems engineering.

Quality and systems engineering services throughout the world

We are there for you worldwide and support you in all areas. We work closely with your team and develop bespoke solutions. We support you worldwide in all areas and offer service and maintenance services as well as comprehensive training programs. We ensure smooth production and minimise downtimes with our high level of replacement parts availability.

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