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Every cereal and cereal by-product has its own special features in use. The food industry is relentlessly developing new applications while adopting consumer trends in the process. This results in a continuous stream of new process steps for the processing of raw materials. Special attention will have to be paid to every technical detail from the very beginning of the process chain in order to be able to manufacture the best possible products in the future. Grinding with hammer mills plays a special role here. The grain structure and fineness that is achieved with the hammer mill is of crucial importance for achieving the desired qualities in terms of taste, look and feel. In addition, the nutritionally crucial ingredients must be homogeneously distributed in the product. The requirements for the individual raw materials and products can vary enormously.

We bring experience in the further processing of

  • legumes like beans and peas
  • dried fruits
  • herbs & spices
  • grain like oat and spelt
  • pasta
Expertise for more than 60 years

Grinding solutions for the production of foodstuffs

Gentle grinding on the one hand and safe grinding on the other are essential when it comes to grinding cereals and intermediate products in the food industry. A high protein and fat content often pose a particular challenge in terms of the crushing process. Pneumatic transport and lines with gravity transport are not without significance. Systems and system components should be made of steel or stainless steel, depending on the products to be ground.

The LDE high speed mill can be used for fine grinding of food products. The special 6-axis rotor design delivers an optimum beater configuration and guarantees maximum material contact for the finest quality. The simple and quick screen change while the mill is still running means that the product can be changed very quickly or the grain structure can be adjusted very quickly as the properties of the natural products change.

Schnellläufermühle LDE
LDE high speed mill
Schnellläufermühle LDE

Specifically designed for efficient grinding for challenging recipes and products: The special 6-axis rotor design plus optimized beater configuration in combination with high beater tip speed guarantees maximum material contact for the efficient production of the finest feed as well as coarser products.

Schnellläufermühle VDK
VDK high speed mill
Schnellläufermühle VDK

The Hammer Mill VL is the universal mill for coarse grinding in compound feed, as well as fine grinding, in pet food and aqua feed production. Further areas of application for this all-rounder include the grinding of chemical components, salts, spices, and natural products such as wood.

Schnellläufermühle VL
VL high speed mill
Schnellläufermühle VL

We are able to offer the right grinding module for every application and mill type, always taking into account the product properties, the available space in the facility and explosion protection. The grinding module with mechanical auger enables the components to be arranged compactly in a very small space.

Mahlmodul mechanisch
Mahlmodul mechanisch

If your system is designed as such that the flour is needed at a distant point, pneumatic transport is the means of choice. It should be noted that the mill must be decoupled from the overall separator. We offer our customers this solution approach

Mahlmodul pneumatisch
Mahlmodul pneumatisch
Our feeders

For more efficiency in the food industry

The efficiency of each grinding system is not only determined by the technical design of the mill, but also by the distribution of the feedstock over the entire width of the mill. Together with the gravity separator and the aspiration air flow, the dosing device ensures uniform product distribution. We can offer you a wide range of solutions for feeding.

The AGS air-gravity separator is well suited for the continuous separation of foreign bodies from bulk materials. Dosing occurs in combination with a metering rotary valve, which can also convey non-free-flowing bulk materials such as flours and bridge conveyor lines. The side doors and retractable magnets as well as foreign object catching lugs ensure easy cleaning.

Air-gravity separator (AGS)

The rotary valve safely decouples the raw material and feeds it to the grinding module. A metering screw can also be used as an alternative. The hygiene aspect should always be taken into consideration here, since the probability of carryover is higher during product changes. Metering rotary valves with downsized cell chambers are used for certain products in order to prevent the mill load from oscillating.

Metering rotary valve as a dosing device
Karsten Frese Zitat

Food and hygiene requirements

“In cooperation with our customers from the food industry, it is our goal to find solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.”

Karsten Frese, Sales Engineer
Tietjen systems engineering

Our benefits in the production of your food

Solutions for safe raw material processing

We work with you and your team to develop individual solutions for the production of your intermediate product. We narrow down the basic settings of the grinding module through tests in the Tietjen technical centre. Fine adjustment is undertaken during commissioning. Various parameters can be quickly adjusted to product variations and your requirements.

Efficient grinding of raw materials

Modern drive and monitoring concepts ensure cost-effective and reliable production. We place emphasis on efficiency at every step of production. Special attention is paid to the grinding and consequently the processing of your raw materials. We can adapt the system and the grinding process to your product requirements for food production.

Quality and systems engineering services throughout the world

We are there for you worldwide and support you in all areas. We work closely with your team and develop bespoke solutions. We support you worldwide in all areas and offer service and maintenance services as well as comprehensive training programs. We ensure smooth production and minimise downtimes with our high level of replacement parts availability.

Breadcrumbs, Germany
Hammer mills in the production of breadcrumbs
Banana chips, Uganda
Banana flour for local food production
Pasta, Sweden
Bean grinding for gluten-free pasta

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