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An ever increasing number of goods have been produced, exchanged and consumed for almost 200 years. More consumption always means more waste. The increase in waste volumes goes hand in hand with negative ecological impacts, especially environmental pollution and climate change. Biowaste is not a worthless mass for us, but a valuable material. It is made up of many different types of fractions that are recycled. Biowaste that is free of contaminants is converted into biocompost and biogas in composting and fermentation systems. Biowaste has a particular role to play as a substitute for fossil fuels. The reliable separation of organic mass and foreign matter (packaging and impurities) is of crucial importance for the optimal recycling of biowaste. Our objective is to separate inhomogeneous material flows with sustainable concepts for organic waste treatment. The DRM system from Tietjen is a complete, innovative system design from a single source. It allows biowaste to be optimally processed and recycled – as biogas or compost. The separated packaging can be thermally recycled.

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Material separation for optimal recycling of organic waste

Conventional system configurations for the treatment and recycling of biowaste require a number of process steps for the separation of foreign matter. Different screening techniques are generally used after fermentation and drying of the impure fermentation material. With the DRM system, Tietjen can offer an innovative, complete system design from a single source, which simultaneously implements the crushing and discharge of foreign matter.

Our range of services starts with the acceptance of the biowaste in various containers or vehicles and ends with the delivery of the substrate to the fermenter or the cleaned container to the driver. Our solutions are also individually tailored here in terms of construction, material or country – just get in touch with us!

Tietjen’s Depackaging machine DRM processes and recycles organics like food waste.   Simultaneously the DRM discharges foreign matter and contaminants reliably.

Depackaging machine DRM

Separated foreign matter such as plastic packaging from organic waste often still contains liquids. The press screw PRS has been specially developed for dewatering such residual liquids downstream of our depackaging system DRM.

Pressschnecke PRS
Screw Press PRS
Pressschnecke PRS

The BIMIX mill type is also designed for the wet grinding of unpackaged commercial biowaste and food waste.

Frank Lippert

For climate protection

“We separate contaminated biowaste from foreign matter with our waste treatment concepts. This ensures efficient conversion to compost and biogas. As a result, our technology helps to reduce CO2 emissions and promote renewable energies.”

Frank Lippert, Sales at Tietjen
Tietjen systems engineering

Our benefits in the treatment of biowaste

Tailor-made solutions for the treatment of biowaste

The requirements for waste recycling vary widely around the world. We provide tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs and objectives for conditioning organic waste in a reliable, uncomplicated and cost-efficient manner.

Customer-specific system design

The configuration of a system depends on the average expected composition of the waste. The DRM separation mill is always at the centre; this is fully compatible with other components.

Systems engineering services throughout the world

We are there for you worldwide and offer service and maintenance services as well as comprehensive training programs. We ensure smooth production and minimise downtimes with our high level of replacement parts availability.

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