Separate biomass and packaging

Separation Mill DRM

DRM 800

Separation Mill DRM

Separate biomass and packaging

Separation capacity
bis zu max. 25t/h
400V-50Hz - 2x 55 kW
4500 kg
Sound pressure level
< 90 dBA
Rated speed (without frequency inverter operation)
1500 min/1

Technical details
  • Compact, symmetrical and partially bolted stainless steel construction
  • Use of wear-resistant cast materials for the highly stressed beaters
  • Upper housing halves split, each opening independently hydraulically for easy maintenance
  • Easy adjustment of particle size structure in organics by frequency controlled drive motors
    and easily exchangeable screen segments
  • Grinding chamber with individually replaceable impact bars and sieves
  • Sieve perforation freely selectable between 8- 15 mm, depending on input material and required particle size
Machine types
DRM 800
Separation capacity max. 25t/h
E-Motor 400V - 50Hz - 2x 55 kW
Operating mode S1
Rated speed (without frequency inverter operation) 1500 min/1
Impact surface 0.8 m²
Screen area 1.30 m²
Dimensions L x W x H 2570 x 2835 x 1930 mm
Weight 4500 kg
Sound pressure level < 90 dBA
Hydraulic power unit
E-Motor 400V - 50Hz – 0.95 kW
Operating mode S2 / S3
Oil temperature max. 80 °C
Nominal pressure max. 250 bar
Flow rate hydraulics max. 2.6l/min
Oil filling quantity 7 l
Specific comparative data from experience
Raw material with impurities High proportion of packaging Low proportion of packaging
Raw materials - volume 60 m³ 60 m³
Raw materials - weight ca. 26,5 t ca. 35 t
Raw materials - density < 0.5 t/m³ < 0.6 t/m³
Digestion capacity > 22 m³/h > 35 m³/h
Digestion capacity > 10 t/h > 20 t/h
Organic density ca. 0.9 t/m³ ca. 0.9 t/m³
Energy input/raw material volume ca. 2.5 – 3.5 kWh/m³ ca. 1.5 – 2.5 kWh/m³
Energy input/commodity mass ca. 5.5 – 7.5 kWh/t ca. 2.5 – 4.5 kWh/t
Wear costs per throughput - depending on type of raw materials ca. 0.6 EUR/t ca. 0.4 EUR/t

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Verpackte Lebensmittel

Optimisation in food recycling

Reliable separation of inorganics

Verpackte Lebensmittel

The DRM hybrid process involves wet materials preparation for the recycling of foodstuffs. The simplest way is to crush biomass in accordance with the statutory requirements for hygienisation. Inorganic solids (e.g. packaging) are separated with high separation efficiency in the same operation. The digestion is carried out in a special mill with two rotors.

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