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New product: Biomass Shredder BMS

New product:  Screw press PRS

Article about the purity of depackaging with our DRM

Read here what's new at Tietjen in the field of separation, dewatering and wet shredding for biogas plants.

New Product

Biomass Shredder BMS

Biomass shredder BMS: the grinder processes biomass for biogas production

Biogas plants need a reliable feed for high-performance operation. At the same time, biogas plants are getting bigger and bigger. This is where the new biomass shredder BMS from Tietjen comes in. The vertical Biomass Shredder BMS processes up to 15 tons of biomass per hour, making it one of the highest throughput grinders on the market. The Biomass Shredder BMS helps to ensure that any large volume biogas plant feeding process is extremely reliable and constant, even with difficult substrates. An increase in biogas production combined with higher fermenter efficiency (less agitation and floating layers) is the positive consequence of all BMS benefits.

New Product

Screw Press PRS


Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik GmbH presents its press screw PRS for dewatering packaging material or sludge. This dewatering screw convinces with its robust design, which makes it one of the most maintenance-friendly and blockage-insensitive on the market.

In the application, the substrate is conveyed into the screw press PRS and compressed there: The material is compressed and pressed against the press flaps, adhering organics and liquids are discharged through screens. In the “FoodWaste application”, the organic material can then be used for biogas production, while the dewatered and compressed packaging material is cheaper to dispose of.

The PRS can be used separately or in combination with our DRM depackaging machine, which separates organics and packaging from packaged food waste. The packaging is then dewatered by the PRS.


New article

Bioenergy Insight publishes article about our depackaging machine DRM

Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is a German manufacturer of depackaging, separating and shredding equipment for organic waste. Its DRM is well established and runs in the plants of leading bio-waste and food waste disposal companies in Germany and worldwide. Tietjen understands the challenges of depackaging processes and knows about the key factors such as purity, water consumption and overall efficiency….


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Research & Development

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